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MAFS Australia Tayla Hugo

Um guys, leaked footage seems to show Hugo actually slept in the bed on MAFS Australia

‘Here’s my bed, for anyone asking’

Viewers were left unimpressed when Hugo was made to sleep on the sofa while Tayla got the bed to herself during their honeymoon on MAFS Australia.

The pair failed to establish a connection after entering the show as an intruder couple, and viewers saw Hugo sent to sleep on the sofa even when they lived in an apartment together.

However, leaked video footage suggests this wasn’t the case every night. The video shows former MAFS Australia couple Tayla and Hugo had swapped places the next night.

Tayla shared behind the scenes footage of the couple and Hugo was lying on the bed in his pyjamas.


Tayla asked him how the bed was to which he responded: “Not bad. Good size.”

She then panned the camera over to the sofa set up with pillows and blankets. “And here’s my bed. For anyone who is asking,” she said while laughing.


Plot twist: Tayla actually slept on the couch and Hugo took the bed. Not the other way around. #mafs #mafsau #marriedatfirstsightau

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As viewers watched the MAFS Australia scenes of Hugo and Tayla sleeping apart unfold on TV, they shared their annoyance on social media.

“This whole thing with Tayla wanting the whole bed is kind of comedic to me,” one user wrote.

Another viewer wrote: “Tayla and her bed nonsense is grinding my gears.”

Tayla previously opened up to The Tab about how the trolling from viewers has affected her. “It’s important for people to realise how heavily edited reality TV is because the bullying that comes with this shows is intense,” she said.

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