MAFS Australia leave show

These are the MAFS Australia 2023 cast members who wanted to leave midway through the experiment

Ollie said he was ‘mentally spent’ during the show

For a lot of the brides and grooms on Married at First Sight Australia, they eventually realise their relationship isn’t working out and opt to leave the experiment but for some, it isn’t that easy.

A number of cast members from this year’s MAFS Australia have admitted they wanted to leave the experiment beyond the commitment ceremonies but in the end always decided to stay.

Those who have since revealed they wanted to leave the experiment were not shown to have the same feelings on screen and as such will be a big surprise to viewers.

Here are all the Married at First Sight Australia 2023 cast members who have said they wanted to leave the experiment but it wasn’t shown on TV.


MAFS Australia leave show

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In her first interview since MAFS Australia aired, Bronte revealed she wanted to leave the experiment two weeks in.

When asked if she stayed on the experiment longer to boost her profile, Bronte told So Dramatic! it was after the first dinner party of commitment ceremony she wanted to leave.

“I was on the phone to one of my friends and I was like, ‘Who am I to stay here and show women that this is okay? I don’t want to stay here. This goes against everything I believe in. I feel sick to my stomach,'” she admitted.

“There have been things said by cast members saying, ‘Bronte despised Harrison’ and I did! I did despise Harrison. Who couldn’t despise that man with how he was treating me?”

When Bronte realised she couldn’t just up and leave she moved back in with Harrison and tried to work on things.

She said: “Two weeks later, there was the next dinner party. Then him and I, we actually, genuinely, hand on heart, we genuinely got along. I just genuinely truly wanted to believe that there was something good in him and I was proven wrong right at the end.”


MAFS Australia leave show

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MAFS Australia groom Ollie is the last groom viewers would expect to want to leave the show given how strong his relationship with Tahnee was on the show.

In episodes yet to air in the UK, the couples embark on a couple swap activity where they have to live with different brides and grooms for a few days.

In a Reddit Q&A, Ollie revealed this activity caused a massive argument between him and Tahnee.

“Probably the biggest [argument] was when Tahnee got back from the couple swap,” Ollie revealed.

“I was angry at the experiment and I was just super passive with Tahnee and I wanted to go home. I was mentally spent. That was all off camera though but touched on during the couch session.

“The irony of it as much as I hated the couple swap and didn’t understand the bloody thing. It brought us closer together.”


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Following the finale episodes airing in Australia, Harrison admitted his biggest regret was staying on the show longer than he wanted to.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia, MAFS Australia groom Harrison claimed he wanted to leave the show but was convinced to stay, hoping it would help him be portrayed in a positive light in episodes.

Harrison has maintained he wanted to leave the show as early as the first week. During an appearance on Fitzy and Wippa, Harrison said he tried to leave in week one.

“As much as people hate to admit it, if I wasn’t on the show it would be a boring season,” he sensationally claimed, continuing: “I’ve got a big personality and I’m quite controversially outspoken, which is a good dynamic for the MAFS franchise.”

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