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Ollie says he ‘struggled’ to voice his opinion on MAFS Australia because of his age

He was the youngest groom to ever go on the show

Ollie Skelton has admitted he felt his opinion didn’t hold the “same weight” as others due to him being one of the youngest cast members on Married at First Sight Australia.

He and his partner, Tahnee, were both 26 years old going on to the show and were the youngest couple in the experiment and as such he felt overshadowed by the older cast members.

In a Reddit Q&A session, Ollie wrote: “In the beginning, I struggled to find my voice. Tahnee and I were the youngest on the show and you’ve got all these extroverts that are successful, good looking and have all this life experience on you that you feel like maybe your opinion doesn’t hold the same weight.”

As MAFS Australia went on, Ollie said eventually became more confident in the group and even called out his co-stars a few times.

During the Q&A, Ollie said a moment he called out Harrison on his behaviour was cut from the MAFS Australia episode.

“I spoke up [about Harrison] several times. We had a back and forth at the boys’ night for about half an hour where they cut the whole bloody thing,” he said.

“I always felt comfortable disagreeing with Harry because it never got heated and was always a bit of a debate. I don’t know why it didn’t get a run but hey cookie crumbles.”

He later admitted he “hated” his debate with Harrison wasn’t shown to viewers. Ollie said: “Yeah, I hated that they didn’t put any of the back and forth that Harrison and I had. But personally, I felt I didn’t shut up after that.”

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