Applications to join The Bournemouth Tab’s editorial team are now OPEN

We’re recruiting for Co-Editor in Chief, Features Editor, News Editor, and TikTok Editor

The Bournemouth Tab is now recruiting for our 2023/24 editorial team! From breaking news stories around campus, fun features and exciting guides, The Tab offers great industry experience for anyone interested in journalism.

The positions available are Co-Editor in Chief, News Editor, Features Editor, and TikTok Editor.

Applications from all students are welcome regardless of previous experience, year or degree, but you do have to attend either Bournemouth  University or Arts University Bournemouth. You’ll have training from experienced editors to get you up and running and even work with a professional journalist at Tab HQ!

The deadline for applications is 23:59 on Monday, 15th May.

You don’t need to have written for The Bournemouth Tab before, but, as these are editorial roles, some journalistic experience would certainly help. This could include work from other publications or personal blogs etc. – regardless, give it a go!

Most of all, we’re looking for somebody who is enthusiastic about Bournemouth and student life. We want someone with energy, charisma and dedication. If you have questions about any of the roles then please do not hesitate to message us on Instagram or Facebook.

Co-Editor in Chief

As Co-Editor in Chief you’ll work with another Editor in Chief to oversee the entire team of writers and lead the direction of our coverage.

You should be prepared to write your own pieces throughout the year and help the team in breaking the biggest stories on campus. You will also be in charge of ensuring all content, both written and social, is consistent with The Bournemouth Tab’s standard of quality and tone of voice.

You’ll also be the main link to The Tab HQ and be supported by the team at HQ running The Bournemouth Tab team.

The role is incredibly rewarding and a great experience to have in leading a large team in a fast-paced and exciting environment. To fit this role you should be friendly and supportive to new and existing writers, thorough in editing articles and have a keen eye for the stories that will make an impact and hit a chord with students across campus.

Having experience as Co-Editor in Chief at a publication with thousands of reads per article grants you the experience to connect directly with the industry of writing and journalism, as well as develop leadership skills along the way.

News Editor

You’ll be responsible for making sure The Bournemouth Tab continues to chase the biggest and most exciting scoops across campus.

This role often involves needing to react to fast-paced and changing stories as they develop on the day. You need to be able to sniff out a good story when you see one. You will also need to contact organisations and people for comment, as well as fact check and provide sources.

Employers generally love News roles – they prove you’re quick under pressure, attentive and sharp. Above all, you will hold the responsibility to bring important news stories to audiences around Bournemouth University – making a difference and providing stories to the public.

You’ll work alongside the Editor-in-Chief to write weekly and edit articles.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

• ‘This is a last resort’: What Bournemouth lecturers want students to know about the strikes

• Bournemouth Uni student arrested after faux bomb threat saw campus buildings evacuated

Meet Ethan Overton, the Bournemouth student travelling from London to Amsterdam on foot

Features Editor

As Features Editor you’ll be in charge of writing and editing the most fun and ridiculous feature pieces.

You’ll be able to cover every aspect of student life from nightlife to fashion and food. There’s a lot of room to be creative in this role and we want someone who is witty, opinionated and knows what’s relevant to students.

You’ll be working on stories just like these:

These are the eight types of personalities you’ll find in every Bournemouth Uni seminar

• 10 frustrating things only Bournemouth students would understand

These are scariest things you can encounter as a Bournemouth Uni student

TikTok Editor

We’re looking to fully launch The Bournemouth Tab TikTok ASAP and want someone to grow the page and gain followers. You need to think of creative ways to incorporate the latest TikTok trends and audios into relatable Bournemouth content. This role is suited to someone who is very outgoing and you must be happy to be on camera as you will be expected to regularly create vox pops interviewing students on campus or nights out. You will also need to have an eye for video-editing on the app.

If you think you’ve got what it takes and want to apply for any of the advertised roles, click the link here to fill out the form to be an Editor of The Bournemouth Tab, or fill out the form below. We’d love to hear from all of you and if in doubt, just go for it! Good luck!

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