MAFS Australia Duncan now

Here’s everything our wholesome king Duncan has been up to since MAFS Australia

He is now in a relationship with Evelyn!

Duncan had the patience of a saint on this year’s Married at First Sight Australia. His relationship with Alyssa was a non-stop roundabout that eventually ended after he called it a day on their romance during their final vows.

Since the show finished filming, Duncan has been keeping a pretty low profile but he has been spotted out and about with his MAFS Australia co-stars and seems to be having a ball.

Here’s everything MAFS Australia groom Duncan James has been up to since filming wrapped.

He is in a relationship with Evelyn!

After weeks of denying it, Duncan and Evelyn officially confirmed their romance in a sweet Honesty Box challenge with 9Entertainment.

The first question read to the couple asked: “Are you in a relationship?” “Yes I am!” Duncan said with a beaming smile, continuing: “Well yes we are!”

Evelyn added: “This is Evelyn and Duncan’s hard launch. It feels good to finally just say it, and it feels kind of exhilarating in a weird, freeing way.”

Duncan explained how his relationship with Evelyn began after they started hanging out after the show as they both live in Sydney and “one thing led to another”. “All of a sudden we went on a couple of nights, and some of the warm fuzzy feelings happened in my stomach and I thought, ‘What’s this? How we going here?’ Then one thing led to another.”

Duncan has been hanging out with Jesse and a bunch of the other MAFS cast

Duncan has remained close with a lot of the MAFS Australia 2023 cast. In a recent reunion, Duncan had a meal with Layton, Cameron, Rupert, Tahnee, Ollie, Lyndall, Evelyn and Melinda.

He also recently posted a photo with fellow groom, Jesse, as the pair spent the day together.

He was spotted on a bunch of dates with Evelyn before they announced their relationship

via Nine Network Australia

Before they went official with the news, the rumour mill began to spin about Evelyn and Duncan a while ago after they were videoed in a nightclub together dancing very closely. The pair shut down the rumours and insisted they were only friends but they were spotted on dates in Sydney.

According to So Dramatic, they were “all over each other” and Duncan “had his arms around her” while out on a dog walk.

Apparently the pair even asked Rupert if they could have his blessing to date one another. “Rupert has confirmed to a number of cast members that Evelyn and Duncan are now dating,” a source claimed.

“He said they both contacted him separately and asked him if they could have his blessing to progress to a romantic relationship.”

Duncan and Evelyn are said to be keeping their relationship “hush hush” but now “all the cast knows and everyone has confronted them about it”. Yikes!

The insider also told So Dramatic that Alyssa was left “devastated” when she found out about their relationship. “They didn’t contact Alyssa to ask for her blessing,” they claimed. “No one even told her. She had to find out through a third party.”

“She feels betrayed because they were paired up for the Partner Swap challenge, so now everyone is wondering what the hell happened during those three days when they were sleeping in the same room and hanging out non-stop.”

Duncan was spotted getting cosy to Carolina Santos last year

While MAFS Australia was still airing in Australia, images surfaced of Duncan looking cosy with Carolina Santos on a night out in Sydney.

The pictures were said to be taken back in January by someone who recognised Carolina from season nine.

“I had no idea who Duncan was then because the new season had now started. It looks like they were on a date but they had other friends with them,” the source said.

He lowkey hinted he wants to be the next Bachelor

Duncan won the hearts of viewers for simply just being on the show when he first appeared on Married at First Sight Australia.

While his relationship with Alyssa was proving difficult, viewers told Duncan he would be a good fit for The Bachelor.

“Don’t worry, Duncan. The Bachelor awaits,” one viewer wrote on Twitter, with another writing: “Duncan for the groom on The Bachelor.”

Duncan was eventually asked by Fitzy, Wippa and Kate if he would consider going on the show and he said: “No. I’m just a young man looking for love.”

MAFS Australia Duncan now

via Nine Network Australia

Duncan also spoke with WHO about the possibility of appearing on a different reality TV show and he didn’t say no!

“Who knows what the future holds,” he said. “It’s an honour to be considered as a possible future Bachelor, so we’ll see.”

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