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MAFS Australia compatible couple

We asked a relationship expert which MAFS Australia couples will make it to final vows

‘Bronte should stay clear of Harrison if she is looking for a healthy relationship’

A relationship expert has revealed which Married at First Sight Australia couple they believe is the least and most compatible and honestly, it’s quite surprising.

Viewers have seen the falling out of Bronte and Harrison and the emotional ups and downs of Alyssa and Duncan and no one can quite place their finger on who will make it to the final vows or who will throw in the towel.

With just one more commitment ceremony to go, Heart Bingo’s relationship expert and co-founder of So Syncd, Louella Alderson has ranked the compatibility of the MAFS Australia couples.

Tahnee and Ollie

MAFS Australia compatible couple

via Nine Network Australia

It’ll come as no surprise that Louella believes Tahnee and Ollie are the most compatible couple on MAFS Australia. From hitting it off instantly at the wedding, they “have been strong ever since”.

Their common interests, sense of humour and value make their connection “all the more special”. “Tahnee is the more outgoing of the pair, while Ollie is the slightly quieter one,” Louella explained.

“This balance of introvert and extrovert energy creates a dynamic that works well for them, and they seem to admire the complementary aspects of each other’s personalities.”

Despite Tahnee and Ollie being the youngest couple in the experiment, Louella said they “appear to be the most emotionally mature in their relationship”.

Alyssa and Duncan

MAFS Australia compatible couple

via Nine Network Australia

Louella ranked Alyssa and Duncan as the second most compatible couple. Their instant attraction to one another helped their relationship grow and they have since developed “a deep respect for each other’s opinions and views”.

“Alyssa is an emotional individual and feels things deeply, whereas Duncan takes a more logical and pragmatic approach to situations,” Louella said.

“This can be a good balance as they are able to help each other grow and find solutions.”

Melinda and Layton

MAFS Australia compatible couple

via Nine Network Australia

Melinda and Layton has been ranked the third most compatible MAFS Australia couple.

Melinda and Layton has been ranked the third most compatible MAFS Australia couple.

“Although they often argue, their love for one another is clear and it’s always exciting to see them grow and learn from each other.”

Lyndall and Cameron

via Nine Network Australia

Despite Cameron and Lyndall seemed like a strong couple to begin with but their relationship has recently taken a turn.

Cameron’s awkwardness over physical affection affects Lyndall and as such it has been “difficult for them to find the balance between their needs and understanding each other without putting too much pressure on each other.”

However, their connection is still strong in spite of this. Louella continued to say: “Wanting affection or a hug from your partner in healthy doses, like Lyndall, does not mean you are insecure, and it is something that Cameron needs to understand.”

Evelyn and Rupert

via Nine Network Australia

Evelyn and Rupert are still fresh but the balance of Rupert’s nerves and Evelyn’s outgoing nature is a “good balance”, according to Louella.

“Evelyn is pushing Rupert out of his comfort zone and slowly helping him to become more confident in himself and their relationship,” Louella explained.

“They may not be perfect for each other, but they are both enjoying the process of getting to know each other better. This couple might not be the most compatible, but they are embracing the experiment.”

Harrison and Bronte

via Nine Network Australia

Harrison and Bronte’s journey on MAFS Australia is one that seems to never end even though it looks as though it should.

Louella believes Harrison has “gaslit” Bronte, and “has shown a total lack of accountability for his own words and actions”, something the experts on the show have told him.

Louella continued: “He also seems to be unable to empathise with her feelings, which isn’t a great sign for the future of their relationship. Bronte should stay very clear of Harrison if she is looking for a mature and healthy relationship.”

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