Alyssa and Duncan still together

Post-show kisses and shady comments: Are MAFS Australia’s Alyssa and Duncan still together?

‘They’re not even on talking terms at the moment’

Alyssa and Duncan seemed to be one of the strongest couples on Married at First Sight Australia but in recent episodes their relationship has been weakened.

The couple have faced issues over and over again from petty arguments to Alyssa’s insecurities finding it difficult to trust if Duncan will stay with her once the experiment is over.

So did they make it to the final vows? Here’s everything we know about if Married at First Sight Australia’s Alyssa and Duncan are still together.

Hate to break it to you but Duncan split with Alyssa at the final vows

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Duncan brutally dumped Alyssa during their final vows after weeks of trying to comfort Alyssa and work on their relationship.

“I know what love and a great relationship is and we both deserve that. But our views on what a healthy relationship is seem to be apart,” he told her.

“Maybe it’s our personalities or differing mindsets. Either way, the gap seems too big to bridge. I don’t want to hurt you or continue getting hurt so I have to say goodbye.”

A stunned Alyssa responded: “F**k, I was not expecting that,” and walked away in tears. She later admitted hearing Duncan’s speech “devastated” her.

“Walking away absolutely devastated me. I feel sick and betrayed,” she said privately.

Alyssa went on a wild night after Duncan dumped her

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A month after the final vows, Alyssa let her hair down and partied hard. A source close to Alyssa said the bride was “determined not to let her failed relationship get her down”.

Alyssa stunned in a all pink number with white sunglasses and see-through heels and danced all night. Alyssa is everyone when it comes to getting over an ex.

Unsurprisingly, they are not on speaking terms

Since the show wrapped filming, Alyssa and Duncan are not on speaking terms and have exchanged texts “once or twice”, according to Daily Mail Australia.

“They’re not even on talking terms at the moment,” a source claimed.

“They both agreed it was for the best not to do any joint interviews and aren’t even pretending to be together. Alyssa knew things were never going to work out with Duncan, as much as she wanted them to. They both live different lives.”

Duncan has been spotted getting cosy with Evelyn

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A video emerged earlier this month of Duncan and his co-star Evelyn dancing together in a nightclub. In the video, Duncan picks Evelyn up as she wraps her legs around his waist and he swings her around in circles.

One user wrote: “This was on Mardi Gras night. I saw them on Oxford Street.” Evelyn cleared up the rumours and said they were just friends but more has since come to light.

According to So Dramatic, Evelyn and Duncan were spotted on multiple dates in Sydney over the weekend.

“They were all over each other,” a source said. Another said the pair were with Evelyn’s dogs and Duncan “had his arms around her and then they held hands”.

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