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MAFS Australia final episode

Guys, the final Married at First Sight Australia episode airs in exactly TWO weeks

What am I going to make my personality about now?

The Married at First Sight Australia final episode is right around the corner and in just two weeks viewers will get to see who remained in a couple after the experiment and who really couldn’t make it work.

The MAFS Australia final episode is reported to air on E4 on Thursday 4th May. The episode is expected to reveal even more chaos than usual and if this year’s cast is anything to go by it’s safe to say the episode is going to pop off.

In the final week, viewers should expect the final vows followed by a reunion dinner party and commitment ceremony where the cast see each other after being apart.

via Nine Network Australia

Spoilers ahead!

The MAFS Australia final episode has already aired in Australia and the drama was next to none. Given Harrison and Bronte were given a whole lot of airtime during the show, it  was a shock when their final commitment ceremony session did not make the cut.

Apparently this was due to producers wanting to end the show on a positive note rather than about their relationship breakdown.

Sandy and Dan will also come face to face after the butt-dial drama, Claire and Jesse reunite but he has made it very clear they are not in a relationship. Finally, the truth behind a sexting scandal also comes to light for the rest of the cast and experts to see.

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