MAFS Australia 2023 Janelle

Janelle reveals strange agility test she was made to pass to get on MAFS Australia

It is done to test a person’s muscle health

Married at First Sight Australia bride Janelle Han has revealed a certain test she had to during the casting process for the marital experiment.

Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle, MAFS Australia 2023 bride Janelle opened up about a series of test she and the cast had to pass before filming the show. She explained on the same day she had to a sexual health check-up, she was asked to do a duck walk to test her physical skills. Um what?

via Nine Network Australia

“When I went to do the STI test they were like, ‘Can you do a duck walk?’, and I was like, ‘What do you mean?’,” MAFS Australia 2023 bride Janelle began. “You had to squat on the floor and waddle.”

The duck walk test is done by a person bending their knees and lowering their body until they are in a deep squatting position. Then, with their feet apart, the person must take a few steps. It looks like a waddle, hence why it has been dubbed as a “duck walk”.

It is usually done in the cast of a suspected meniscal injury. The exercise, also known as the Childress test, is usually for United States Armed Forces applicants.

Former MAFS Australia cast member Nasser Sultan previously told WHO cast members have to go through vigorous health tests before the show.

“You go in and they test you to make sure you don’t have any diseases. They also make you sleeping the same shirt for a week and send it back in for pheromone testing,” he explained, continuing: “Then we meet with Trisha, who asks us to smell the shirts and tell us what we think or feel just by the scent.”

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