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MAFS Australia Alyssa Olivia

MAFS Australia’s Alyssa defends Olivia Frazer after she was verbally abused outside her home

‘Until you live through it, you have no idea how much they can twist reality to fit a storyline’

Married at First Sight Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde has defended season nine bride Olivia Frazer after she revealed the relentless trolling she has received since appearing on the show last year.

Olivia previously recounted a story when “a car full of women” pulled up outside her house and began verbally abusing her because of her time on MAFS Australia.

Featuring on the Back to Reality podcast, Olivia opened up about the “attack” she experienced last year.

“I was home alone in like mine and Jackson’s [Lonie] sh*tty little house and a car full of women pulled up out in front and got out of the car screaming things like, ‘Olivia you’re a c*** and ‘die pig’. All these awful awful things,” she said.

“I couldn’t work out if they had followed me home from the shops. Or if it was a delivery driver or something like that. But it was a car full of women on a Saturday at like nine o’clock.”

The clip of Olivia speaking about the events was met with a negative reception in the comment section, with one user writing: “[Olivia] brought [the hate upon] herself”.

In a now deleted comment, MAFS Australia bride Alyssa Barmonde came to Olivia Frazer’s defence. “I love everyone in the comment section thinking they know how reality TV producing and editing works,” she began.

“Until you live through it, you actually have no idea how much they can twist and manipulate reality to fit a storyline. Reality TV is not reality. She is not blaming it on the edit. She is trying to explain how things can be misconstrued.”

The former bride went on to say people didn’t “have to like” Olivia but they should “at least respect her”.

“Keep scrolling if you don’t agree or don’t like it. Don’t hide behind a keyboard and throw hate at someone you think you know. Social media has become such a bully culture it’s actually disgusting,” she continued.

Some users were not having any of it and said Olivia was “genuinely malicious in her actions and behaviour”. “That’s not editing, it’s personality. It’s difficult to ‘respect’ someone who is blatantly malicious,” one user wrote.

MAFS Australia bride Alyssa doubled down on her support for Olivia and said: “We all have regrets and we aren’t perfect. But stalking, harassing and death threats are not a way of showing someone you think you know from a reality TV show what you ‘think’ of them. It’s pure vile hatred. And it has got to stop.”

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