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MAFS Australia Olivia Frazer

MAFS Australia’s Olivia Frazer reveals she made $30k on OnlyFans in just one day

She has become one of the highest earners in Australia

Olivia Frazer appeared on Married at First Sight Australia in 2022 and has since gone on to make some big money on OnlyFans.

Olivia Frazer joins a long line of MAFS Australia cast members who have joined the adult platform and have become incredibly successful off the back of it. Other cast members who are on OnlyFans include Jessika Power, Jackson Lonie and Hayley Vernon.

Speaking on the Back To Reality podcast Olivia revealed she had earned $30,000 in just one day on OnlyFans. She explained she made the money after using an old image from a lingerie campaign as her first post.

“I made $30,000 in my first day without even posting anything, [just] and old blurry lingerie photo from 2016,” she explained. “I made about half a million between May and September, mind you I haven’t been taxed yet.”

Olivia has become one of Australia’s leading OnlyFans performers since she joined the platform in 2022. She made $500,000 in her first four months from her content. A girlboss!

She currently charges her subscribers $14.99 per month, or a 12 month package for $126. Despite a huge pay, Olivia has admitted there is a downside to being on the site.

“I think the downside is people are very entitled, so I do get the occasional message where it’s like, ‘show us p***y’ or ‘give me a sex tape’,” she said.

“And it’s like, I don’t do that so you’ve got to settle for what I’m providing. This is my account. Just because you pay $15 a month does not mean that you can expect that from me.”

Former MAFS Australia bride Olivia Frazer has said the community on OnlyFans have been a “lifeline” for her. She said: “The messages I was getting on OnlyFans to Instagram were polar opposites, and I needed that. It was really a lifeline of a supportive community.”

Olivia isn’t the only MAFS Australia bride who has been making loads of money on OnlyFans. Season seven bride Hayley Vernon joined the adult platform in August 2020 and has earned a huge $1.3 million and is estimated to have earned $200,000 in her biggest month.

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