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Edinburgh student gets nightclub logo tattoo and receives lifetime free entry

Maybe getting a tattoo of your favourite club night is actually cheaper than paying entry every week?

A student from the University of Edinburgh has had the Rascals club night logo tattooed onto his forearm to celebrate the “highlight” of their week.

The student, who wishes to remain anonymous, initially got the tattoo “as a laugh” with one of their friends. They were later was honoured by the Rascals team with a guarantee of free entry for life, in addition to a VIP queue skip for every time they visit the Frederick Street club.

In an exclusive interview with the Tab, the anonymous student told us: “Rascals is hands down the best club night in Edinburgh”, and that they “strongly recommend people check it out”.

The Rascals team was thrilled to find out that their club night was so loved. After finding out about the tattoo in January through a request for free entry, they checked the authenticity of the story and organised a bottle for the student and their friends for the next Rascals night.

“Turns out he’s a first-year who loved Rascals so much in semester one….might as well make the £80 investment and get a tattoo of our stamp”, Rascals told the Tab.

Held at Bourbon nightclub every Thursday Night, Rascals is the only student-led brand in the city run and founded by Edinburgh University students.

If you’re a first-year looking to make a multi-year investment, maybe take a leap of faith and get your favourite club night logo tattooed on your arm – more money to spend on VKs and cheap tequila shots that go down like a gallon of sick!

Photo credits: Neil Stewart (Rascals)

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