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MAFS Australia Bronte's sister

Meet Kirra Schofield: MAFS Australia’s Bronte’s look alike sister who despises Harrison

Harrison was too stunned to speak!

The homestays on Married at First Sight Australia is an activity the couples mebark on like no other. For some of the couples, it’s a chance to bond with their partner’s family and see what their life could be like.

This year’s homestays provided drama, sass and even more chaos than the commitment ceremonies and dinner parties put together. One homestay that was non-stop drama was of course Harrison and Bronte’s.

Harrison met with Bronte’s sister again and told him about himself in a way he had definitely not been told before. Viewers immediately became obsessed with the straight talking younger sister who absolutely owned Harrison. So, here is everything you need to know about the younger Schofield.

Kirra is 25 years old

MAFS Australia bride Bronte’s younger sister Kirra is 25 years old, making her three years younger than Bronte. Kirra is a Leo and was born in July.

In a truly sweet Instagram post wishing her younger sister a happy birthday, Bronte wrote: “Words will never come close to how much I love you, you are the most ambitious, down to earth, caring person and I thank the universe every day that I got gifted with you as my sister!” Is somebody cutting onions?

She and Bronte could genuinely be twins

Kirra and Bronte are absolute dead ringers for each other than it may come as a shock that they are not twins. Even with completely different hair colours, they looks so alike. The genes in that family are strong and there’s no doubt about it.

Kirra studied elementary education at university

According to her LinkedIn, Kirra studied at Edith Cowan University from 2018 to 2021. She studied elementary education and teaching at the university based in Perth, Western Australia.

She said Harrison’s mother is his ‘biggest enabler’

After the homestay episode where MAFS Australia bride Bronte’s sister unleashes on Harrison aired in Australia, his mother was quick to come to his support. His mother, Noni, labelled Kirra as an “alcohol-fuelled troublemaker” with “no life experience”.

Kirra was having absolutely none of it and was quick to hit back at Harrison’s mother. Speaking to So Dramatic, Kirra said: “She just needs to shut the f*ck up, to put it bluntly.”

“She’s something else hey… biggest enabler. Stop protecting your son’s sh*tty behaviours!” Kirra responded to Noni’s comment about being a “little girl” and said: “B*tch what? I’m 25 and will always protect my family. What has my life experiences got to do with anything here?

“She is legit digging and digging. Like, babe, enough. You’re doing damage control, no one else is doing what you’re doing. ”

Viewers over in Australia are obsessed with her

When Kirra absolutely owned Harrison, viewers in Australia were quick to praise her. One user wrote: “She’s done more in 10 minutes than the experts have done since the show began.” Preach!

“Love that Bronte’s sister just rips Harrison a new one and then just sits there sipping her cocktail like a BOSS,” another user wrote.

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