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MAFS Australia Lyndall Cameron's girlfriend

Um, Lyndall claims she met Cam’s new girlfriend during the homestays on MAFS Australia

Apparently she was introduced as a friend

Lyndall has sensationally claimed she met Cameron’s new girlfriend while they were filming the homestay episodes on Married at First Sight Australia, according to Daily Mail Australia.

Cameron recently went Instagram official with his new girlfriend, who he plans to go travelling with and has said he is “really happy” with her. He confirmed they had been dating for four months and the couple recently enjoyed a trip to Western Australia.

“Lyndall told me to do better and I tell you what, it was the only bit of advice I took from her,” he told Daily Mail Australia. Savage!

Lyndall and Cameron were on MAFS Australia from the very start but their relationship came to an end during the final vows after they decided to go their separate ways.

MAFS Australia bride Lyndall left a Facebook comment under an article about Cameron and his new girlfriend, as reported by Daily Mail Australia, and wrote: “F**ken hell. I literally met her at homestays. Literally what the f**k!”

Even Lyndall’s mum was buying Cameron’s new relationship. “It’s not that he has a new girlfriend, it’s just the continued lies,” her mother wrote, according to Daily Mail Australia.

“He clearly didn’t just meet her at a work party after the show finished filming. Perhaps this is what caused the fight about the kiss at the Barra farm?”

Cameron has since clarified his relationship with Cheyanne. He told Daily Mail Australia: “I never said [we first met] after the show. I met her the year before and we had a thing, but that’s all it was.”

Talking about Lyndall’s mother, he wrote: “It’s funny how Kelly has to step in with her two cents. [The] apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Get over it.”

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