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Roses 2023: Here’s what Lancaster’s teams are most looking forward to

Will Roses be red once again?

There is officially one day left until the start of Roses 2023 in the spectacularly wet city that is York, and with all sports teams playing away from home this year for the first time since 2019, we asked some of the biggest squads on campus what they’re most looking forward to about this year’s competition.


This year’s Roses is being kicked off during the opening ceremony on Friday, April 28th, by the Men’s 1st and Women’s 1st Lacrosse teams for the first time.

Both teams are excited to be “showcasing lacrosse […] in front of hundreds of people.” Furthermore, most players have never experienced Roses away from home, with this year being a chance to “beat York away for the first time in 38 years.”

As well as watching the other sports teams, Longboi the duck is also a popular attraction for the lacrosse players.

Men’s Football

The men’s football teams are “approaching York this year following a hugely dominant season” in the British Universities and College Sport (BUCS) league, with the 1st team hoping to improve on last year’s draw and the 2nd and college select teams eager to carry on their winning streak from Roses 2022.

The teams are also looking forward to “represent their university and play in front of a passionate and supportive crowd,” as they are determined “to give it their all and emerge victorious” and bring the Roses trophy home. 

(taken by Drew Beattie)

Women’s Football

Everyone on the 1st and 2nd Women’s Football is experiencing Roses away to York for the first time this year and said they were looking forward to beating York after last year’s double win in Lancaster.


This year, LUNC is sending “four strong teams, including the new College Select team” to Roses, thof which have competed in 2022/23 BUCS leagues and are all excited to “prove the talented and determined teams” they have become this season. The teams are determined to improve on last year’s results, where the first team won, the second and third teams lost, and the college select team drew. All of the players are “ready to showcase their hard work and dedication and prove that Roses are red!”


After winning all 10 points at Roses 2022, the Open, Men’s and Women’s teams are eager to regain their title this year in York. Darts is “one of the most competitive sports societies” on campus, and the teams believe this “will be no different” despite playing away from home. They are most looking forward to the “rowdy, adrenaline-filled crowd atmosphere” and hopefully thrashing York again.

Pool & Snooker

Lancaster’s pool teams only had two words to describe what they are looking forward to this weekend, and I think it’s something we can all agree with and what we are all hoping happens:

“Beating York.”


LUTC is traveling to York with seven different teams this year in the hopes of bringing the trophy home the trophy; the Men’s 1st singles and doubles teams, the Men’s 2nd single and double teams, the Women’s singles and doubles teams, and finally, the Mixed Doubles team. All the teams have been working hard in training and “can’t wait for some amazing matches.” Although their main aim is to win, they “mainly hope to play and watch some great tennis and enjoy themselves.”

Women’s Rugby

The biggest event at the closing ceremony for Roses 2023 has to be the Women’s rugby matches. The girls are “coming off of two super successful seasons” and are excited for the players to show off “all the hard work and dedication” they have put into the game. They are also eager to showcase the game on the big stage as “interest continues to grow.”

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