Emily Parrott

Socials Editor

Emily Parrott
Bournemouth University

Student news, campus culture, Lancaster, UCLan, student lifestyle, breaking news, features, entertainment, photography, bar sports, Law

  • Emily Parrott manages all social media platforms, creating engaging content, including interactive stories and memes.
  • She is an expert on Lancaster university, student lifestyles, campus culture, pop culture and breaking news.
  • In her free time, Emily enjoys sports and portrait photography, and playing darts and pool.


Emily joined The Lancaster Tab as a contributing writer in her first year at Lancaster in 2022, before becoming part of the editorial team in April 2023. Emily was also an Intern for The Tab before the start of her second year in September 2023.


Emily Parrott is currently in her second year of her LLB (Hons) Law degree at Lancaster University, having studied previously at Dame Allan's Sixth Form.


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