Here are the official ratings of Lancs students’ emotional support stuffed animals

From elephants and octopi to Stitch and … watermelons?

We can all agree that most of us have at least one fuzzy friend or cuddly companion, whether it sits on our shelf or snuggles up with us in bed at night. Plush toys can naturally help reduce anxiety by offering a sense of security and stability, especially during stressful times of change, as they bring a constant sense of companionship. Furthermore, they can also help to ease feelings of loneliness, so you can never have too many.

We asked Lancaster students to send us their favourite fuzzy friends and cuddly companions to rate, and here are our thoughts:

The Elephant and the Octopus

Although this combination of animals will probably never be found together in the wild, they make a cute pairing. I mean, who can resist those Elephant’s eyes? Though, I am left wondering what their names are.

Score: 8/10

Bob the Red Bear

Bob has clearly received lots of love and cuddles over the years, and his little smile is cute. However, he is definitely in need of some TLC, a visit to a washing machine, and the gift of a new ribbon.

Score: 4/10

The Harrods Panda

Pandas, especially baby ones, are insanely adorable, and this fuzzy friend is no exception to that rule. However, the green Harrods ribbon and the embroidery on this ones foot instantly tells me not to give them too many cuddles due to the very large price tag. Unfortunately, I would be scared of damaging this and see it more as a cute decoration than a toy.

Score: 6.5/10

Large Tim the Squishmallow

Tim is large, cute, and clearly very squishy. This Squishmallow Llama appears to be good for relieving some of the stress and anxiety brought about by exams or just life in general. Bonus points for being a fetching shade of blue.

Score: 6/10

Disney and … fruit?

Although this collection of cuddly companions appears to have an odd theme of Disney characters and Jellycat fruits, I am biased toward giving it extra points due to their cuteness and the presence of some of my favourite movie characters, including Stitch.

Score: 9.5/10

Frank the Snake

Who knew a snake could be so cute?

I was unaware that snake-stuffed toys existed, and I am very happy I now have this information. Frank is the most adorable and friendly snake I have ever seen and is undoubtedly a good cuddle buddy.

Score: 10/10

Brown Ikea Bear

This stuffed friend is certainly one big bear and deserves as much love and cuddles as possible. His giant nose, adorable eyes, and squishy stomach add to his charm. Also, who doesn’t love something from Ikea?

Score: 8/10

An Unprepared Frog

Squishmallows are popular amongst Lancs students, as this adorable little frog has clearly received lots of love and pampering sessions. Bonus points for the set-up and effort that went into this photo!

Score: 7.5/10

Jellycat Trio

As an owner of a multitude of Jellycats, I find this trio to be absolutely adorable. Although they are an unconventional group, I love a good coffee plushie and believe their dinosaur could be friends with my own – bonus points for the lobster’s Santa hat.

Score: 9/10

Lotso the Bear

Although this bear has been clearly well-loved, received lots of cuddles, and is rather cute, his backstory means he drops points. It is slightly concerning that this psychopathic and villainous bear has been given so much love after he attempts to end the lives of Andy’s beloved toys during Toy Story 3, but each to their own I suppose.

Score: 4.5/10

Dungaree Bunny

You know you have a cute stuffed animal when everyone else wants to steal it, and this is clearly the case here. This adorable bunny has obviously been well-loved, has the cutest pair of blue dungarees, and probably has the best name too.

Although this fuzzy friend already has full marks, bonus points for cuddling them in the photo.

Score: 10/10

Flareon and the Stripy Bear

Flareon and her stripy partner certainly are precious. Although another unconventional pairing, this teddy bear’s little striped shirt and tie definitely make up for it. And who can resist those eyes?

Score: 7/10

Roberto the Pikachu







Not only is this guy absolutely adorable, he’s even wearing a cute little Snorlax costume with a removable hat. Bonus points for originality by calling this little fella Roberto, rather than just Pikachu.

Score: 9.5/10

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