From the Royal Family to Taylor Swift: Here are the extrav themes Lancaster students want to see this year

Is Shrekstrav actually a popular theme?

As the end of another academic year draws closer, students are waiting and slowly preparing their costumes for the biggest end-of-year party: the annual college extravaganzas!

However, as each year brings forth a fresh wave of innovative ideas from our college JCRs, one question burns in our minds: What themes do Lancaster students want to see this year from their colleges?


After the release of the new spin-off series, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, and while we anxiously wait for the release of Polin’s love affair, a Bridgerton-themed extrav would certainly excite and please members of the ton. However, one question remains – which college would attempt to host the best ball of the season?


Did anybody order a quick throwback to the 2000s? Although the playlist concepts remind us of a typical Friday night at Sugar, the number of costume and decoration ideas that come with a Y2K-themed extrav is endless. Throw together some Britney Spears and NSYNC with mini skirts and baby tees, and you get the perfect 2000s party.


Some of us want it, some of us really don’t, but I think we can all agree a Shrekstrav would be iconic. Whether you are a Puss-In-Boots or a Fairy Godmother, the costume ideas from the movie franchise and other fairytales are fantastic. Add some swamp-themed decorations and ogre-green foods, and you’ll have the perfect party from Far Far Away.

Met Gala

Considering the Met Gala has a different theme every year, we’re not entirely sure how this idea would play out. However, the fact that the Met Gala is over 70 years old means there are various themes and outfit ideas to choose from. Colleges could even pick specific themes from past Galas to create the perfect collaborative event. Don’t forget the red carpet!

The Royal Family

Have you ever wanted to see King Charles III rapping “The Real Slim Shady” or Prince William dancing to “Low”? Neither have we. However, a Royal-Family-themed extrav would certainly involve this and much more. Throw in a Victoria Sponge cake, some Union Jack bunting, and Corgi cardboard cutouts for an extrav fit for a King or Queen.


Imagine an entirely pink extrav covered in balloons, glitter, and rollerskates, and you’ve got yourself a Barbie-themed party. With the new Barbie movie coming out this July, decorations, music, food, and drinks surrounding the pink and purple-loving doll would be perfect for one of this year’s extravs. Don’t forget to invite your plus-one, Ken!


This theme would be any Marvel or DC fan’s dream come true. The possibilities for superheroes and possibly some villain costumes are endless, especially if you include characters from any comic series. The theme comes at the perfect time, co-in siding with multiple films coming out from Marvel and DC Studios. Although, we’re still not 100 per cent sure about the skin-tight lycra costumes.

Love Island

With over 10 series of Love Island bombshells to choose from and a brand new season on the way in just a few weeks, this steamy drama-filled show is another perfect idea for this year’s extravs. With beach-themed decorations and typical party foods, this extrav theme is an iconic way to end the academic year and prepare for the summer. Hot weather and a coat may be required, especially with bikinis and swimming trunks for costumes.

Animal Theme

With over eight million species of animals on the planet, the number of costume ideas for this theme really is endless. Animal-themed decorations and foods aren’t going out of fashion any time soon either. With the possibility of making the extrav look like any type of landscape, from the Arctic to the Amazon, the theme comes with various possibilities.

Taylor Swift Albums

Being the Swiftie I am, the idea of a Taylor-themed extrav filled with costumes inspired by her past tours, music videos, songs, and even exes is music to my ears, especially while we wait for the announcement of international tour dates. With almost two decades’ worth of discography under her belt, this theme allows for hundreds, if not thousands, of costume, music, and decoration ideas and would let everyone “Shake It Off” all night.

Lancaster Themed

Did someone call for a Bowland Tower or Sultan’s Boss Man costume? Although this is more of a niche theme than the others, it certainly would make for an entertaining night. Furthermore, the ideas for costumes, decorations, and food choices are lengthy, from ducks and roses to Greggs and Sultans. Don’t forget to include a Sugar-themed playlist and DJ.

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