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Bristol University students evacuated after flood in Hawthorns study centre

The ASS, the SU and now Hawthorns

On Friday, University of Bristol students were asked to evacuate the ground floor of the Hawthorns Study Centre due to flooding. It is now back open and available to students.

It was reported at midday and proceeded to get worse with students being asked to leave at around 2.45 pm.

The incident occurred only a few days after Bristol SU toilets gushed water and flooded the bathrooms.

Water slowly spilled into the rest of the building with students walking through it to get to the desks.

A Second year Psychology and Neuroscience student told the Bristol Tab: “I thought I was going to slip over, the bottom of my trousers were getting wet”.

Another student told The Bristol Tab: “It definitely smelt like urine”.

The disruption comes in the middle of exam season with students working hard to reach upcoming deadlines.

A spokesperson for The University of Bristol told The Bristol Tab: ‘We can confirm that the incident was dealt with,
and the facility has now reopened. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.’

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