Bridgerton season three

All the subtle hints made about Bridgerton season three in the Queen Charlotte series

Violet could be looking for love!

With the new Queen Charlotte series dominating Netflix, everyone has been left wondering when we will get our fix of the full Bridgerton clan back in action. If viewers were playing close attention to the prequel series, they may have notice a few nods to the upcoming season, which will tell the story of Penelope and Colin’s love story.

While the upcoming season is still being filmed, Queen Charlotte gave fans a taste of what is to come. So, if you’re keen to see what you missed, here is a look at all the easter eggs about Bridgertson season three in Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.

Simon and Daphne have another child

Bridgerton season three

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At the end of Bridgerton season one, Daphne and Simon welcome their first child and it seems they will have a second in season three.

During Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Violet can be seen playing with two children. In the book, Daphne follows the family tradition and has five children and names them in alphabetical order.

Following on from their first child, Amelia, the couple have two more daughters, Belinda and Caroline and two sons, David and Edward.

The present scenes in Queen Charlotte are soon after season two

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When the Queen Charlotte series flashes forward to the present day, Violet and Lady Danbury are often seen chatting. In one scene, Violet tells Lady Danbury that Anthony and Kate are on their honeymoon, suggesting the present scenes take place shortly after season two.

Last year, Simone Ashley revealed that Anthony and Kate will be going through their honeymoon stage in season three. “We’re filming a dance this week and tonally, it’s so different – sweet, endearing and light, compared to the heaviness of their story last season,” she told British Vogue.

Eloise and Penelope do not make up in season three

Bridgerton season three

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As well as mentioning Gregory’s growth spurt, Violet tells Lady Danbury that Eloise and Penelope have had a falling out, suggesting they do not make up so quickly in season three. “[Eloise] is stomping around the house looking like a cloud of thunder,” she says.

Violet is looking for a new man!

During Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Violet notes she could be ready to find love again after the death of her husband, Edmund. Lady Danbury encourages this and a TikToker has suggested it’ll definitely happen.


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When Violet speaks about love, she is wearing lilac and viewers see her in a dark blue for the time when she is mourning the loss of her husband at the church. Throughout the series, Violet wears less of the Bridgerton blue when talking about love and finding a partner in other scenes.

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