How to host the ultimate Eurovision party with your UEA housemates, by students who have done it

With it being held in the UK this year, there’s no excuse not to

Deadlines are looming and exam stress is piling however, there is a very important date to remember. Eurovision is back this Saturday and this year it’s being held in Liverpool. There will be 26 grand finalists and there is no better way to watch than throwing a party with your uni house mates. If the UK wins then who knows, it could even lead to going A-list. The perfect excuse to take a break from work in my opinion. There is no right way to throw a Eurovision party as it is a unique experience every year and, as always, the company is always the most important. But our top tip is to make it as cheesy possible. Here’s how to throw the ultimate Eurovision party with your UEA housemates:

1. Alcohol, lots of it

This is a necessity for watching four hours of music. Yes, four hours, as it is on from 8pm until midnight. Why not make blue lagoon cocktails to match the blue logo of Eurovision.

2. A dress code is essential

Dress up in your best Union Jack flags or dress up as past winners. ABBA is obviously the best shout.

3. White board predictions

If your party is taking it seriously then have whiteboards and pens at the ready. Although, I wouldn’t make any serious bets on the UK winning.

4. European snacks

You could go for a European array of snacks. Or, just go British and get whatever you fancy.

5. Hang a disco ball to really get the vibes right

The Eurovision mood would not be complete without adding a disco ball to add to the bad pop songs you’re likely to hear all night.

6. Someone dressed as Graham Norton

If your party consists of more than two (no shame in that) then nominate someone to be the host all evening. They just need to make bad jokes all night.

7. It wouldn’t be complete without a karaoke machine

Either before the show or after you will definitely feel inspired by the music to get up and sing a song, especially once the alcohol kicks in. So, a machine is essential. Maybe make a Spotify playlist as well to set the mood.

8. Eurovision drinking games

I mean, you just drink every time a song is awful. Or, invent a bingo card for certain phrases such as “No points to the UK”.

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