Missing: Dead or Alive Sierra Stevens

Here’s what we know about Sierra Stevens’ whereabouts from Netflix’s Missing: Dead or Alive

Her family were worried sick

Missing: Dead or Alive is Netflix’s latest true crime series that follows the investigations of a local police department in South Carolina. The department are tasked with dealing with mysterious disappearances and the final part of the Missing: Dead or Alive series follows the disappearance of Sierra Stevens.

Viewers are desperate to know what happened to her and if she is still alive now. So, here’s everything we know about Sierra Stevens and her whereabouts now.

Missing: Dead or Alive Sierra Stevens

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Why was Sierra Stevens from Missing: Dead or Alive in foster care?

17-year-old Sierra Stevens was staying at a local foster home in Richland Country in South Carolina. She was placed in foster care after being sent to juvenile detention for 18 months after getting into a fatal car crash.

Sierra’s parents were both addicted to drugs and her father was later accused of maltreatment and charged with neglect, leaving her unable to see her father until she was 18 years old.

Missing: Dead or Alive Sierra Stevens

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What happened to Sierra the night she went missing?

Sierra had gone to a party at her friend’s house and had spent the night there. When she returned to her foster home, her foster parents had already called the police. Panicked she would be arrested again, Sierra rang her friend, Emily, who gave her a place to stay.

During this time, Sierra didn’t pick up her phone and her foster parents and the police feared she could have been kidnapped or killed. When Sierra’s grandparents called her, a man answered which worried them and the detectives.

Vicky, Sierra’s foster mother, got in touch with one of Sierra’s friends who later offered to ring her new number. He rang Sierra’s number and she answered and she was successfully located.

Officers began scrambling to try and locate Sierra but were unable to come up with any leads. It turns out, Sierra was just hiding at her friends house, scared she could go back to prison.

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Where is Sierra Stevens now?

It isn’t clear where her exact location is but it has been reported Sierra returned to her foster family and has gone back to school.

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