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Guys, Charlotte and George knew about Reynolds and Brimsley’s romance in the book

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If you thought Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story couldn’t get any more heartbreaking, this may take you down a peg or two. The prequel series dropped on Netflix earlier in May and days later, the novel was on bookshelves everywhere.

Those who watched the show a bit too quickly soon had the book in their possession and were quick to gobble down every single word.

Like with any adaptation, the book always has more background information and more scenes that never make the final cut in the TV show or movie and there is one huge moment fans are unhappy didn’t make it to the TV series.

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In the book, it becomes known that Queen Charlotte and King George III were aware of the romance between Reynolds and Brimsley and thought it was quite wholesome. I’ll give you a moment to compose yourself.

People have being losing it on TikTok after reading the passage and it is clear to see that we were robbed of this moment. The passage in the book reads: “Reynolds and Brimsley. George put his finger to his lips and pulled Charlotte behind a hedge.

“‘Did you know?’ she whispered. ‘I knew Reynolds preferred men, but I didn’t know about Brimsley’ Charlotte peeked out. ‘They look so happy’. George yanked her back so he could see. They were dancing like a couple in love. Reynolds was leading, probably because he was taller.

“They were laughing and whispering, and it occurred to George that they looked rather like Charlotte and him. In love. Happy. ‘Let us go,’ he whispered to Charlotte. ‘They need this moment more than we do.'”


This part in the book just gives the scene more depth. FCK. #bridgerton #queencharlotte #farmergeorge #queencharlotteabridgertonstory #reynolds #brimsley

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I still can’t believe this moment between Reynolds, Brimsley, King George and Queen Charlotte from the book never made it into the TV show.

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