This is which Bridgerton sibling you’d be based on your Exeter degree

And no, creative writing students are not Penelope Featherington

With Queen Charlotte just released, we’re all looking for a way to make our lives more Whistledown-approved. The Bridgerton creators clearly knew we needed another fix and gave us the blessing that was Queen Charlotte, but if like us you still feel shortchanged, we matched up all the Bridgerton siblings with Exeter Uni degrees, so you can officially and scientifically (ish) work out which dear member of the ton you would be. Not everyone can be an incomparable Daphne, or a free-wheeling Benedict however much languages students they would be. And to any geology students reading – I’m sorry in advance…

Anthony – business, economics

Anthony’s ego and strong sense of loyalty to the Bridgerton name puts him decidedly in econ. He might apply to literature at the last minute but will have transferred back to business by the end of the first week. He’d end up as treasurer for a sports society and be super into chasing people up on expense forms.

Fact: He’d have a mullet, signet ring and a quarter zip.

Benedict – liberal arts, art history

Benedict is giving art history girlie. He’s unemployable but here for a good time and will happily rock up to a lecture on the gender politics in Botticelli’s Venus half an hour late, before heading back to TP for the second time that day. In his spare time, he’s attending every Art Soc meet up and sneaking a hip flask into the life drawing session.

Colin – modern foreign languages

Colin’s obsession with travel means he’ll be doing everything he can to get a year abroad in his degree. Despite Anthony’s warnings that “finding yourself” isn’t a credible job title, after a gap-yah (or two) Colin’s going to uni for the “experience”. He’ll do a panic Master’s to delay any kind of responsibility before ending up at a vaguely corporate but progressive office job or teaching Greek at a private boarding school.

Daphne – drama, English lit

The only people who are actually going to go through with “fake dating” are either hopelessly romantic OR desperate to be cast in any kind of leading role. Daphne is giving Lit girl who read too much Wattpad for her own good. Away from her family she’d go clubbing for the first time and get fried on a porn star martini, stumble home at 12 and rave to her friends for a week about the “wild nightlife”. Daphne is a Cheesies girl through and through.

Eloise – history, classics or philosophy

Eloise would absolutely be obsessed with Percy Jackson at 13 and make it a large chunk of her personality. At uni she would get seriously into reclaiming the narrative and her dissertation would 100 per cent focus on Persephone as an early feminist. After a night at Cavern, Eloise would definitely spend afters drunkenly discussing the Iliad.

Francesca – Zoology, geology

I have yet to meet anyone taking either of these degrees, so just like the disappearing Francesca, their existence is debatable.

Gregory – STEM

Gregory’s barely had any screen time but he seems like a good egg. He’s rarely seen so chances are good he’s spending his time crying in the Harrison building while his siblings head out to their third pre’s of the week.

Hyacinth – medicine

Hyacinth gives the vibe of wanting the limelight but mostly fading into the scenery. She might as well be hiding out at St Luke’s.

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