Cardiff Uni is getting its own dating show: Here’s how you can secure your blind date

The Cardiff Tab spoke to the producers of the show to get all the juicy details about Couple Up Cardiff

Cardiff University is getting its very own dating show, Couple Up Cardiff, and we’ve got all the must-know information.

There’s been a dating show-shaped hole in our lives since finishing the latest series of Love Island, MAFS, and Love is Blind, so Couple Up Cardiff has entered the scene at exactly the right time.

Who wouldn’t want to watch our mates squirm over a first date or find their absolute Prince Charming?

So, The Cardiff Tab interviewed the show’s producers to get the rundown on how it works, what we can expect, and lots more juicy gossip about the show. Here’s everything we know so far.

How are the couples matched?

According to the producers, contestants were matched in two stages; initially, an online survey was sent out in the SU, and on social media. You might have also seen it on Overheard. This was to gauge initial interest about being on the show and basic information about contestants.

Then a second survey was sent out to these applicants, asking about their type, their red flags, and their green flags. The producers worked their matching magic from there.

How many people applied and how many couples will there be?

Out of 130 applicants, 30 were chosen to take part in the show. However, due to a few participants pulling out at the last minute, this number has reduced, but the aim is to share the experiences of six couples. Inside information also told us that some contestants may be going on more than one date too.

Will there be same-sex couples, too?

From what we can tell, the majority of successful applicants are from a heteronormative audience, but the producers are hoping to include more LGBTQ+ couples in possible future seasons.

What will the show’s format be like?

The episodes will begin with a Love Island-esque introduction to each contestant, minus the beach ball throwing, so the audience can get to know who they’re watching before getting into footage of the actual date itself.

There will be roughly three dates per episode, and we will get a participant reflection at the end, letting us know how it went and what they thought about each other.

The producers are keeping their fingers crossed that we’ll even get a follow up from couples a few weeks later, to see where they are now. Always the best bit of First Dates, IMO.

When are they filming and when can we watch it?

The contestant interviews were filmed at the start of May, with dates happening in the near future, and the editing timeline is looking like we will be able to watch the first episode in June.

Will there be a cast reunion, and are contestants allowed to swap dates?

The producers have told us that after the show airs, they plan on allowing the cast to get in contact with them if they spot someone they’d like to go on a date with. They also mentioned the idea of a Zoom reunion (think season 1’s Too Hot To Handle reunion – hopefully the drama will be as exciting as that Harry and Francesca moment) allowing contestants to talk about their experiences, and relationships generally.

Since this is a uni dating show, lots of the contestants are going home for summer so an in-person reunion would be difficult to organise. However, an in-person reunion is something that we could potentially see next season.

How many viewers are they expecting?

The Couple Up Cardiff team are hoping to reach at least 1,000 viewers. The promotional team has put a lot of work into advertising on social media, particularly on Instagram, but also in the Students’ Union, and through word of mouth. They’re hoping to engage with local magazines, papers and radio stations too, in the next few weeks.

We can’t wait to see all the dating drama unfold.

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