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You’re never going to believe the ages of the cast of XO, Kitty on Netflix

The Jenny Han universe is expanding!

Just when the hype around To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before began to die down, Netflix have rewarded fans with a spin-off show all about Kitty Son Covey and everyone is rightfully so, very excited.

The new series follows Kitty as she moves to Korea to study at KISS boarding school to reunite with her long distance boyfriend. Majority of the cast are all brand new faces to Netflix and given they’re all playing teenagers in XO, Kitty in the age of adults playing 17 year olds on a daily basis, you may be wondering just what the ages of them all are.

So, here are all the real life ages of the cast of Netflix’s XO, Kitty.

Anna Cathcart – Kitty Song Covey

XO Kitty ages

via Netflix

Age: 19

Anna Cathcart was first introduced to viewers at 14 years old when she originated the role of Kitty. Anna is 19 years old in real life and Kitty is 16 years old in the new series.

Minyeong Choi – Dae Heon Kim

XO Kitty ages

via Netflix

Age: 20

Dae Heon Kim is Kitty’s long distance boyfriend, played by 20-year-old Minyeong Choi. It’s likely Dae is a similar, if not the same age as Kitty.

Gia Kim – Yuri Han

XO Kitty ages

via Netflix

Age: Early 20s

Gia stars as Yuri Han in XO, Kitty and her age is unknown. It’s likely that she is in her early 20s, similar to a lot of the cast.

Sang Heon Lee – Min Ho

XO Kitty ages

via Netflix

Age: 26

Min Ho is the “ultra-privileged” student at KISS who is always used to getting his way and is played by Sang Heon Lee.

The age of his character isn’t clear but like the rest, he will likely be 16/17 years old, 10 years younger than his real life age.

Anthony Keyvan – Quincy Shabazian

via Netflix

Age: 22

Anthony Keyvan may be 22 years old but he sure knows how to pull off looking like a teen. He stars as Kitty’s best friend but has starred in other high school dramas including Love, Victor and Genera + ion.

Jocelyn Shelfo – Madison Miller

via Netflix

Age: Early 20s

Jocelyn is another actor in XO, Kitty whose age no one is too sure on but is likely in her early 20s as she is a senior at college.

Regan Aliyah – Juliana

via Netflix

Age: 23

Juliana is another student at KISS, making Regan Aliyah roughly six to seven years older than the character she plays.

XO, Kitty is available on Netflix now. For all the latest Netflix news, drops, quizzes and memes like The Holy Church of Netflix on Facebook.

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