Cathays South is the ‘most dangerous neighbourhood in Wales’, according to new data

There were 593 crimes committed per 1,000 Cathays residents in 2022

Cathays South and Bute Park has been classified as the “most dangerous” neighbourhood in Wales as it has the highest crime rate in the nation, according to new crime statistics.

Cathays South and Bute Park covers the area between Woodville Road, Crwys Road and all of Cardiff Uni’s Cathays Campus. It also reaches up to the end of Talybont Court and all the way down to the Principality Stadium and St David’s Shopping Centre.

Not only is it ranked the highest crime-rated neighbourhood in Wales, but it also holds status of the 24th highest crime-rated neighbourhood in England and Wales, with the exclusion of Manchester due to a lack of data.

Wales Online revealed that in 2022, 593 crimes were committed per 1,000 residents in Cathays South and Bute Park.

Crimes included theft of which there were 517 reports of stolen bikes across Cathays South and Bute Park, which was the highest number for this type of crime in all of England and Wales.

Additionally, crimes such as arson, criminal damage, burglary, and shoplifting were commonly reported, according to the data.

The Cardiff Tab asked if students feel unsafe living in the most dangerous neighbourhood in Wales.

Sophia, a second year English Lit student at Cardiff Uni, told The Cardiff Tab: “Honestly, it doesn’t change much for me, I’m already quite vigilant but also as a woman I never particularly feel very safe anywhere I go at night so doesn’t change a huge amount.”

The Cardiff Tab also questioned bike riders if the high rates of bicycle theft stopped them from bringing a bike to uni.

Chloe, a second year journalism student, said: “Definitely yes, my housemates bike got stolen last year so I use Next Bike instead now.”

Zack, a third year law and politics student at Cardiff Uni, explained: “I use my bike a lot, but there are some places I wouldn’t necessarily want to lock my bike up.

I also bought a better lock for my bike than I would have bought if I still lived somewhere with fewer bike thefts.”

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