Cardiff students will graduate with missing marks as uni maintains ceremonies will go ahead

The university has said the impact of the marking boycott is ‘not yet known’

Graduation ceremonies will still go ahead this summer at Cardiff University as planned despite the ongoing marking boycott.

The university has said that as graduation ceremonies do not “confirm the award of degrees” therefore students will still be able to walk the stage on graduation day.

Despite admitting “the impact of the marking boycott is not known”, the university confirmed to The Cardiff Tab that it has a plan in place which could include hiring external staff or using existing administrative staff to mark exams.

The marking boycott commenced on 20th April 2023 and the university said it will continue until further notice which has left students concerned as to whether their work will be marked and if they are able to graduate.

However, it has been confirmed final year students will graduate due to “procedures in place to ensure the marks given to students are reliable and valid so that academic standards are maintained.”

To maintain standards, the university has said that hiring external staff is a routine practice and is an option which they will consider if the marking boycott continues.

A Cardiff University spokesperson said: “The university will ensure that all those who mark student work are appropriately skilled and qualified.”

The process in which marks will be given out are through the University Awards and Progress Committee, this committee confirm which marks and degree classification a student is awarded. This process will happen whether lecturers give students back all of their marks or not.

The Cardiff University spokesperson also said that whilst the university does have plans for what will happen regarding final year student’s final marks, “the impact of the boycott is not yet known. We are considering a number of available options.

“Our Graduation ceremonies do not confirm the award of degrees so they will not be impacted.

“(Hiring external staff to carry out marking) is routine practice and one of a number of available options. The University will ensure that all those who mark student work are appropriately skilled and qualified. We have procedures in place to ensure that marks awarded are valid and reliable and that academic standards are maintained.”

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