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Babies and anniversaries: A look inside the wholesome marriages of the Jonas Brothers

Alexa, play Jealous by Nick Jonas

Picture the scene. It’s 2008, Camp Rock has just dropped on Disney Channel and your lifelong obsession with the Jonas Brothers begins. You go to school and your squabbling with your friends which Jonas brother is yours, life is good.

Well, we’ve all grown up now and so have they. The Jonas Brothers shaped most of our childhoods, whether it was from Camp Rock or their Disney Channel spin-off, Jonas LA and with the release of their latest album, The Jonas Brothers are all anyone can think about and just how unlucky it is the dreams of marrying them one of them all came crashing down.

So while they’re taking over your For You Page and working their way through your Spotify Wrapped, here is a look inside the partners of the Jonas Brothers.

Joe Jonas

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner first met in 2016 and they are now married with two children!

The couple first met after messaging each other on Instagram and after hanging out at a pub together in England, they couldn’t get enough of each other. A year after they met, Joe proposed and in 2019 they got married.

“I feel as though the only thing that’s changed for me is having this incredible sense of security. Just the word ‘husband’ and the word ‘wife’. They solidify the relationship. I love being married. I think it’s wonderful. I’m sure we’ll have our hiccups, but right now the security and the safety are everything,” Sophie Turner told Elle about their marriage.

In 2020, Joe and Sophie welcomed their first child together, Willa, and in 2022 they welcomed another.

Nick Jonas

If you say you didn’t seethe with jealousy over Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra’s marriage, then you’re lying.

The couple first starting chatting in 2016, a talking stage if you will, and eventually started dating in May 2018 and got in engaged in July of that year. Nick and Priyanka got married in December 2018.

According to People, Nick’s father officiated the first Christian ceremony and a second Hindu ceremony took place to honour Priyanka’s background.

In January 2022, the couple welcomed their first child together via surrogate and named her Malti Marie Chopra Jonas.

Kevin Jonas

Kevin was the first of the Jonas brothers to get married and he me this now wife, Danielle, way back in 2007.

The couple first met on a vacation with their families in 2007, and two years later they got married. They have since welcomed two children together, called Alena Rose and Valentina Angelina.

On their 11th wedding anniversary, Kevin posted a photo of the place they first met and wrote: “I’m so happy you had to make that call 11 years ago. This is the spot we met and I thank God everyday for the gift he gave me. Here’s to a 100 more baby. I love you.”

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