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Bre Chelsea drama

Selling Sunset’s Chelsea and Bre have been throwing major shade at each other since the show

‘I stand nowhere with Chelsea except very far away from her’

Just when you thought the Selling Sunset drama between Chelsea and Bre was coming to an end, a TikTok gets posted and it starts all over again.

Season six of Selling Sunset began without a hitch, but that was until episode four when Chelsea Lazkani began dishing out her thoughts on Bre’s relationship with Nick Cannon. Bre wasn’t best pleased with Chelsea’s opinion and has shared her side of the story.

During the fourth episode, Chelsea shared her thoughts on Bre and Nick Cannon, as the pair share a son together. “I find Nick Cannon and Bre’s relationship rather off-putting,” she said.

“Ultimately the way I live my life is very different to her as a Christian so I don’t know if we will ever be super, super close friends.” Chelsea went on to tell Bre she finds it “unfair” for children to be born when their father isn’t always present.

Bre was having none of it and snapped back at Chelsea, saying: “Who I have children with is my business. I don’t need a judge and jury.”

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Speaking to People about their feud, Bre said: “It goes a little too far in my personal opinion. We’re on a show; we’re here to make TV. I get it. But also, this is my real life and not everything is as someone tries to make it seem. I won’t defend my relationship and my family.”

Bre went on to say she stands “nowhere with Chelsea except very far away from her”. Yikes!

Chelsea has also had her say on their feud since the new season premiered, saying she is going to keep her distance from Bre.

“I mean, I get it, she doesn’t like me,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Some of the things I said were hurtful. So, I completely acknowledge that, and I think I’m just trying to take a step back, mind my business – stop being such a nosy b**ch and realise that, you know, everything is what it seems.”

Chelsea has certainly not been holding back when it comes to her opinion on Bre on TikTok either. Talking about a moment with her friends and Bre, Chelsea said: “You don’t like me? Fine. You know what? One thing I won’t do is be silenced when it comes to my opinions. No I didn’t immediately dislike her because of her situation. I do have these feelings. Why would I hold them back?”


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