Orla Sloan Devil Baby

Who is Orla Sloan? The fashion influencer who stalked Premier League footballers

She earns £50k a year eating Percy Pigs for her subscribers

Football Twitter has been rife with the two words “Devil Baby”, a nickname given by Orla Sloan to herself, after she began stalking Premier League footballer Mason Mount.

The Instagram influencer was recently in court and has admitted to targeting Mason Mount, Ben Chilwell and Billy Gilmour following a party as Ben Chilwell’s home. But who actually is Orla Sloan and how did this all start?

Orla is a 22-year-old fashion influencer

Orla Sloan is a 22-year-old fashion influencer and has over 85,000 followers on Instagram. Prior to her social media traction, she used to work at Marks and Spencers but began to pursue a career in social media.

After leaving her job at the supermarket, Orla worked as a ring girl before she began posting content on the adult platform Fanvue. She claimed she had made £50,000 a year from photos of herself eating Percy Pigs.

Orla called her work “empowering” after she became her “own boss” and choosing her own hours. “They can’t get enough of them. A Percy Pig fetish group developed through my subscribers,” she told the Mirror.

She frequently goes on holiday and is active on TikTok

In recent weeks, Orla has been in trips to Bali and the Gili islands in Indonesia and went on sunset cruises.

According to the Daily Mail, Orla posted a video to her TikTok saying she had a lifetime ban from Asda after posting a video of herself dancing in the aisles in a bikini.

Where did she meet Mason Mount and Ben Chilwell?

Orla appeared at Westminster Magistrates’ Court where she admitted to one count of harassment without violence and two of stalking.

Orla met the footballers after she was invited to a party at Ben Chilwell’s house after talking to him on Instagram in November 2020. She then had sex with Mason Mount and they spoke “sporadically” for around six months until he decided to end things.

“There was communication between them for six months, following which Mr Mount decided that the relationship wasn’t going to progress to anything more and decided to end contact with the defendant,” prosecutor Jason Seetal said.

Following this, Orla began to send Mason a number of messages after changing her number 21 times despite him blocking her.

Why is she being called ‘Devil Baby’?

In a message to Mason, Orla sent him a screenshot of her paying £12.99 for a new phone number. She said: “I’m not buying food anymore so I can get more numbers. You must accept my apology and say sorry to me or you will unlock a new character called ‘Devil Baby’ so let me apologise and make it right.”

The Instagram influencer also made an Instagram account with the username DevilBaby_10 and would create collages of Ben Chilwell with other women, as well as tagging his family and friends.

Who else did she try and contact?

A court heard Orla would show up at the Chelsea training centre after she was unable to contact him. After being unable to speak to him, Orla began messaging his teammate Billy Gilmour about Mason Mount.

Billy Gilmour told the court her pursuit continued even after he moved to Brighton in 2022 and they had to put in safety measures in place.

“I have not been able to sleep and I have had to take sleeping tablets which has affected my performance,” Billy told the court.

“Being alone in a new town where I didn’t have any friends or family is very isolating. This is a person I met once for a brief period of time.”


Orla plead guilty to her charges

Orla Sloan plead guilty to stalking involving fear of violence or serious alarm or distress against Billy Gilmour, a charge of stalking Mason Mount and a third allegation of harrassing Ben Chilwell without violence.

Orla Sloan, who lived in Westminster in central London but gave an address in Exeter, was released on bail by District Judge Neeta Minhas until a sentencing hearing on June 20th 2023. The judge warned Orla her case could be handed to the crown court, and said she could face a prison sentence.

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