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A deep dive into Kendall Jenner’s award-winning tequila business 818

Brb, just popping to Selfridges to buy a bottle x

Kendall Jenner launched her tequila business two years ago in May 2021. The model launched production in the UK in March 2023 and the tequila can currently be bought in Selfridges from upwards of £42.

However when the brand launched originally, it faced a ton of backlash due to claims of cultural appropriation. After scooping up a bunch of awards, here’s everything we know about Kendall Jenner’s tequila business, 818, and how successful it has been two years since it first launched.

Kendall Jenner founded 818 in 2021

Kendall Jenner’s tequila business, 818 Tequila, was founded in 2021. The business was named after Kendall’s area code for Calabasas in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. When it first launched in the US it sold out completely in its first year, with over 130,000 cases sold.

It has three types of tequila

There are three types of tequila flavours in the 818 range, Blanco, Resposado and Añejo. Each flavour has a different level of intensity for your tastebuds.

According to Delish, if you enjoy a fresh-tasting tequila then you will enjoy Blanco. Reposado “offers something a little more honeyed and caramel-like”, and Añejo “offers a super rich taste with lots of fruitiness”.

It originally attracted a lot of controversy

While many people Kendall Jenner’s tequila when it first launched, not everyone was pleased. To honour the debut, Kendall shared a photo from an agave farm in Mexico. The photos saw Kendall riding a horse, sipping her tequila on the back of a truck as well as agave farmers.

While a lot of people criticised the photos, people also had an issue with Kendall’s clothes. Her followers pointed out her outfit and hairstyle, that is traditionally associated with Mexican culture, was cultural appropriation as Kendall is not Mexican.

While Kendall hasn’t addressed the backlash publicly, the campaign photos have been deleted from her Instagram. Her website clarifies 818 works “closely with local, family-owned farms in Jalisco, Mexico:”

818 has been doing really well since it launched in the UK

In March 2023, 818 Tequila was made available in Selfridges and it sold out in record time, according to The Spirits Business.

Talking about the UK launch, Kendall Jenner said: “I can’t wait for people across the UK to experience the magic of 818 Tequila. We’re arriving in London just in time for the start of spring, and I know everyone will love our delicious tequila when they try it.”

It has won a ton of awards

818 Tequila was won 13 awards since its launch. Some of the awards it has won includes the World Tequila Awards, London Spirits Competition, San Fransisco World Spirits Competition and New York World Wine & Spirits Competition.

Kendall hosted a dinner celebrating the business in The Kardashians

The first episode of The Kardashians season three, Kendall hosted a dinner with her family, close friends and work colleagues to celebrate two years since the launch of 818. Randomly, James Corden was in attendance.

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