You’re hired! Imperial grads are the most likely to get good job offers in the whole UK

History of art degrees have never looked so good

Imperial College London came first in the UK for graduate prospects on the Complete University Guide 2024.

With 95.7 per cent of grads being able to secure “highly skilled employment” or further studies, it’s not the first time the elite STEM uni ranked the best in the country for graduate outcome.

Other London universities amongst the top 10 in the country in this category include St. George’s, University of London, LSE, KCL, and UCL.

The Complete University Guide 2024 defines graduate prospects as “a measure of the success in employability or further study of graduates completing their first degree.”

Using data from Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), the league table takes the number of grads employed or in further study 15 months after their graduation and divides it by the number of all grads at a uni. The resulting percentage is then used to determine how hopeful the future looks for the uni’s grads, and how this compares to the other 129 unis in the ranking.

According to the league table, around nine out of 10 grads at STEM-focussed Imperial and medicine-specialised St. George’s can get good job and further study offers. LSE, KCL, and UCL are not far behind, with over 80 per cent of students securing opportunities after their graduations.

These are all over the national average, which is 71 per cent.

On the other hand, London unis ranked near the bottom of the league table fail to meet the average. Only about half of all students graduating from UAL, London Metropolitan University, and the University of Roehampton are likely to step foot in suitable workplaces or academic programmes.

But it’s worth noting that the league table only considers employment in jobs that normally require degrees in measuring graduate prospects, so a low percentage for a uni doesn’t necessarily mean graduates are going unemployed.

You can see the full league table here.

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