Every single bestie date Exeter students need to go on this summer

Forget TP, it’s all about pottery and Aperol

It’s the summer term: exams are over and apart from getting viciously drunk at TP, you’re struggling to know just what to do with yourself. As fun as Venoms and spending all of mummy and daddy’s money are, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and enjoy the more relaxing activities that Exeter has to offer. So, here are the 10 cutest bestie dates for you to do this summer term in Exeter. Need inspo for activities at home? Then these ideas can be adapted for just that! Go ahead and use these ideas to make the long (and hopefully warm) days less boring and more fun.          

1. Pottery painting

Pottery painting is one of my favourite summer activities because it is suitable for all weather and so fun. You can make it relatively cheap or spend more money depending on what you choose to paint, meaning there’s something for everyone. Let’s not forget how great it is for a therapy session with the gals (definitely not from personal experience). 

2. Kayaking on the Quay

The Quay is the best place to soak up the sun whilst in the city over the summer. You can hire a single-person kayak or one that seats two (if you’re feeling the bestie lurv). But, if you’re really brave and not like other girls, you could even rent a paddle board and paddle away into the sunset – or fall in flailing if you’re like myself. Either way, it has the potential to be a memory you’ll never forget!  

3. Watching the sunset at Exeter Cathedral

This is a summer must-have. Sure, the beach is a fab place to watch the sunset, but there is nothing more iconic than Exeter Cathedral. Grab a bottle of wine, cheese and crackers from Tesco or M&S and enjoy yourself. Picture this: you’re sharing a bottle of wine and having deep chats whilst watching the sunset…aah, bliss!

4. Rate all the bars in Exeter

This is a personal goal of mine. If you’re feeling creative, it would be fun if you and your friends came up with a criterion to test at each bar and rate each of them to find the best bar in Exeter. This is a date you can repeat over the summer as I highly doubt you will be able to complete this in one day (but challenge yourself if you dare). Feeling cautious and constantly hungover? Take it slow and rate a bar a week. But, if you’re fancying a big pub crawl, test the limits of your liver and do it in one day!

5. Swimming at Cornwall House

As the summer gets into full swing, a certain swimming pool at at Cornwall House, just outside Lafrowda becomes a hive of activity – for both the public and students. This is a fun and sporty friend date which is very affordable too (costing around three to four pounds, depending on if you have a membership at the uni gym). There is lane swimming as well as casual swim sessions which is perfect for everyone. Fancy an intense workout? Fancy a chill dip? It’s got it all.

6. Explore a new town

A super fun and low(ish) cost activity is looking at the different locations your nearest train station goes to and randomly selecting one. If you’re insanely broke (it is the end of term), you can make it cheaper by bringing a packed lunch and drinks or, if you’re boujee and have some of mummy and daddy’s allowance left,  you could go out for a meal. TikTok is your friend here – use it to research the towns and see what there is to do! 

7. Coffee tasting

Liked the bar testing idea, but need an alcohol detox? You and a friend could come up with coffee shops you’ve yet to visit and make a list of the ones you want to try. Exeter has so many elite coffee shops so you’ll be spoilt for choice. 

8. Explore a new area of town

This is something I am dying to do with a friend. There are so many parts of Exeter and surrounding areas that aren’t discovered by many students. I recommend Magdalen Road which is similar to Fore Street but more up-market. If you love small businesses and shopping locally, this is the place for you!

9. Makeovers

You and your uni besties can live out your childhood dreams and have a summer makeover – think Princess Diaries and Mean Girls vibes. Book haircuts, get your eyebrows done, get your nails done, and if you’re wanting to rebel against your parents, get a new piercing or tattoo. These are all fun and cute bonding moments which you can then debut at TP and wow all your mates; move over venoms!

10. Aperol Spritz extravaganza

Everyone loves a summer spritz in the sun. Can’t afford a holiday on the Amalfi Coast but want to channel your best Made in Chelsea life? Head to the Impy (or somewhere like The Cocktail Club if you fancy spending your trust fund) and drown yourself in Aperol. If you want to make this a more wholesome event with your housemates, you could even make an Italian dinner to share with various pasta dishes or pizza and ice cream to finish. You’ll soon forget you’re in Exeter! Bonus points if you have a photoshoot to document the whole evening on Instagram too.

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