Becca Derbyshire

Co-Editor in Chief of The Tab Exeter

Becca Derbyshire
Bournemouth University

Student news, student lifestyle, campus culture, University of Exeter, social media trends, fashion, Love Island

  • Becca is Co-Editor in Chief at The Tab Exeter, where she oversees a whole team of editors and writers, as well as commissioning and editing articles, all whilst writing her own pieces.
  • Becca is a keen features writer, who is able to satirise aspects of Exeter student life, tailoring articles to a specific, young audience. She has also done pieces for the national page and can turn around news articles quickly, such as the Just Stop Oil protest on campus.
  • In her free time, Becca enjoys playing netball in Uni League 1 at Exeter, which involves going to regular matches and training. She previously rowed for four years, racing as bow in quads, fours and doubles and intends to take this up again after university.


Becca Derbyshire joined The Tab Exeter in 2022, at the end of her first year. She started as the Fashion Editor, going on to become Co-Editor in Chief in 2023.


Becca Derbyshire is in her final year at the University of Exeter, completing a degree in English Literature and she has a particular interest in the early modern period as well as anything Shakespeare.


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