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Identical twins graduate Exeter University medical school and become junior doctors together

‘We have an incredibly strong bond that has definitely helped us in our studies’

There is nothing more girl boss than graduating medical school with your sister, as these identical twins have proven.

Amelia and Jasmine Collins, 23 years old, from Wadebridge in Cornwall, have lived together during the entirety of their studies at Exeter. For some siblings, this would be a cause for tension, but for this iconic duo, they said that “We’ve only experienced positives of being twins at medical school” and Jasmine added: “It’s been fantastic to have Amelia as support.”

Amelia agreed, putting their success partly down to their “incredibly strong bond that has definitely helped us in our studies”, and said: “It’s been a lot of hard word and dedication, and we’re so proud to graduate.” Girl, as you should!

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After university, the siblings are both going in the same direction, to work in “intensive care”. However, Jasmine disputes any similarities and said that: “We’re actually quite different – I have wanted to be a doctor from being very small, and for Amelia it was an ambition that developed later.” Amelia also said that despite them going into the same medical field, “Jasmine will stay in Exeter and I’m going to Cardiff.”

After spending their whole lives together, the twins will therefore be separated after graduation. Despite this, they are positive about the change, and Amelia said that even though “It’ll be the first time we’ve ever lived apart…we feel ready and Exeter has prepared us really well for our roles. I’m sure we’ll Facetime every day!” Crack out the tissues…

Professor Vikram Devaraj, Clinical Lead for Anatomy at Exeter’s Medical School celebrates the twins’ success further and said that: “medical school is an extremely competitive process, so having twins synchronously graduating from our prestigious university is highly unusual” and wished a “Huge congratulations to them both.”

It’s safe to say that Amelia and Jasmine have both slayed their time at Exeter and will continue to do so in their future roles.

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