We spoke to Steve, the hot Exeter Uni campus security guard everyone’s thirsting over

He really stole the limelight from Just Stop Oil

A campus security man is the talk of campus at the minute, after putting on a gorgeous display while standing guard outside The Forum earlier this week.

A Just Stop Oil protest at the University of Exeter on Tuesday 10th October saw George Simonson defacing The Forum with red and orange paint, but that’s not what everyone’s talking about. There was only one thing that truly caught the attention of onlookers: The campus security man.

So we spoke to Steve, the security guard everyone’s swooning over, all of your burning questions about his new found fame and most importantly – whether he’s single.

If you haven’t seen Steve yet – you’re seriously behind. Stood in front of the doors, he appears to fiddle with his ear piece – or, flex his bicep. Either one works for us. He’s seen on camera chatting to the police and even gives us a little 190 degree turn. How does he make standing look so good?

Wanting to know how Steve is holding up as Exeter Uni’s newest BNOC, we asked him how it felt to be the everyone’s new crush on campus and how he’s handing his new found fame. But he’s taken it well and not let it get to his head, saying it was “flattering” even.

“It’s very flattering, especially because I turn 41 years old on Saturday! I don’t know about this fame really, I’m not sure anyone will remember my name next week.” We beg to differ – I’m sure everyone will be on the lookout for a DILF for weeks to come.

But the biggest question on everyone’s minds right now is whether Steve is single. And it’s not great news I’m afraid, as not only is Steve in a relationship, but his partner works on campus too.

Obviously we all suspected Steve was an ex-model, as no one can serve looks like that with such ease. And it turns out he actually has modelled in the past, back when he was a student himself. ”

“I did a very small amount of modelling, many years ago whilst studying dance at university – it was all part of the package at my uni. However, I think those days are long gone.” Wait, wait, wait. AND he studied dance? *Swoon*. It’s not hard to see why everyone’s thirsting over him. Half of the crowd around The Forum were definitely there just for him.


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Wondering why we haven’t spotted him before, we asked Steve how long he’d worked at Exeter Uni. And clearly we must have been walking around with blindfolds on. Steve said: “I’ve been on the Estate Patrol for 13 years, and this is the first time anything like this has happened to me.”

We’d be surprised if this wasn’t the best thing to come out of his career! I mean, being a university heartthrob and BNOC has got to be on the bucket list, right?

And while humble, he’s not totally oblivious to the buzz about him around campus. He said his friends and family are aware of your seedy comments about him, and luckily he seems to love it. He said: “I’ve been sent a few of the comments by friends and family, who all find it very funny!”

Jokes aside, we wanted to know what he really thinks of all the Exeter students thirsting over him and whether he likes his role as hot campus security guard. And luckily he does.

Steve said: “I really do like working at the university: The days that we can make a genuine impact on a student’s experience of university life makes it all worthwhile. As for the students, they’re great and keep my days very varied.”

I mean, the full package right? Not only did I find myself surrounded by people making comments about this mysterious man, but you lot then took to TikTok to profess your love for him. I mean, fairs, rugby boys are SO last year. Sometimes, you need some new eye candy.

The video of him guarding The Forum is full of swooning comments about Steve and I’m here for it.

One TikToker commented: “the bouncer”. Enough said. Simple and powerful – straight to the point. I imagine every other person watching our TikTok thought the same, which is probably why the shares are so high.

Another person commented: “I was just smoking my cigarette watching him”. That’s SO Lana Del Ray of them. Nothing quite says “uni student” like lighting up a cigarette to “watch a protest” aka, to stare longingly into campus security’s eyes – So dreamy. Whatever takes your fancy.