‘We got stalked’: These are Exeter students’ worst summer holiday stories

Happens to the best of us babe x

Sun, shags, and signet rings – every Exeter student’s ideal holiday. Hot girl summer is not just a phrase, but a lifestyle to be strongly adhered to. Be it in Ibiza, Shagaluf, or Zante, these students know how to spend mummy and daddy’s money on the most beautiful memories, ones that may even bring a tear to your eye – from horror.

Whether you’ve been blackout drunk on the strip, or had a cheeky holiday romance with the bartender at your hotel, we can say for sure you’ll be feeling better after hearing this roundup of terrible holiday stories.

‘I assumed everyone on the Maga strip would be over 18 and I accidentally got with a boy who was 17 and had a fake ID. I got called a n*nce for the rest of the trip, lol’

“I got with a guy in Ibiza – woke up in the morning to realise he only had one hand”

“I accidentally got with a Mormon”

“Spent 9 hours passed out in [an] honest to god ditch in Napa. Never made it out”

‘One of the girls on the girls trip slept with a gay man with his boyfriend in the room next door’

“Got with a random guy in Corfu – then found out he was a Crediton local”

‘Had to go on holiday with my ex because we couldn’t get a refund’

“Was recognised at the airport as Exeter students as my four mates and I had our Toms on”

‘We got stalked for three days by a guy called Goose and had to get our hostel barman to get rid’

“I slept with a man from Manchester who had a John Stones tattoo…regrets”

“I spent my entire two weeks sleeping on a sofa because my younger sister’s boyfriend showed up and basically kicked me out of my own bed”

‘Went to Thailand with seven of my mates from school. Four of us got simultaneous happy endings’

“Got off with a 35 year old French man in Amsterdam and I accidentally told him I loved him”

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