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Love Island pick me girl quiz

Think you’re one of the boys? Take this quiz to find out which Love Island pick me girl you are

Peak if you’re Lucie

Ah, Love Island. The place to go to see your yearly “pick-mes” battle it out for that sweet, sweet taste of male validation at the cost of putting other women down. There’s really nothing else like it. When they aren’t clawing at any man within a two metre radius, pick-me girls are busy showing how much better they are than other women. Sneaky wine spillages, cat fights, and tears; these girls certainly have it out for each other. Maybe not the best thing to admit, but it is entertaining. My body can’t decide whether to curl up, physically cringing at the pick-mes, or stare and wonder at what the hell they’re doing. Whether you watched one series of Love Island or are a hardcore fan, there’s always one to remember.

But which Love Island pick-me girl are you? Are you like Lucie, the OG of pick-mes, and refuse to have female besties? Women are just too much drama. Or, are you like Kady, and choose to be a fiery pick-me constantly looking to pick a fight with other women? You could be like Tyne-Lexy and Megan, opting to flirt incessantly and talk behind other women’s backs, to make yourself seem more attractive. Either way, pick-mes are everywhere, and you might even be one yourself. If you’re desperate to see which Love Island pick me girl you are, take this quiz to find out.

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