Exeter Palestine Action hold peaceful demonstration in the Forum to mourn victims

Staff and students lay on the ground for around 20 minutes

Exeter Palestine Action held a peaceful demonstration in the Forum at 1pm today.

The group were peacefully protesting against the Israeli targeting of innocent civilians. Last night, an airstrike attacked Al-Ahli Hospital, known as Al-Moamadani, which killed more than 500 people including children, doctors, and patients.

Friends of Palestine Exeter took to Instagram to encourage people to attend the demonstration to “show solidarity, mourn the victims, and denounce the deliberate Israeli targeting of civilians” in which “many Palestinian students and staff lost family and friends to this senseless attack.”

A spokesperson for Exeter Palestine Action shouted to a large crowd to voice their concerns, and encouraged them to continue to “show humanity” by standing with Palestinian staff and students. As well as this, people were holding flyers, presumably given out by the group, as well as banners with the words: “Free Palestine”.


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The protest was peaceful, and acknowledged by everyone in the Forum. For around 20 minutes, protestors (including staff and students) sat or lay on the floor whilst onlookers watched in total silence, respecting the need to mourn the victims killed in Israeli attacks.

This comes after another protest at the uni last week, in which Just Stop Oil defaced the Forum with red and orange paint.

A spokesperson for Exeter Palestine Action said that: “Our demonstration is part of a collective of local initiatives across the UK to pressure universities to change their stance on Israel, protect students’ freedom of expression to support Palestine, and safeguard their Palestinian students from abuse and harassment. So far, the University’s response to Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has been deeply disappointing, as it has failed to condemn Israel and to fulfil their responsibility to safeguard their students. ”

They continued that: “While the University’s stance on Israel is still unacceptable, our action has sparked renewed conversation within the University, between students, staff, and administration. Many expressed their support for our cause, and today more members of our community are demanding change than yesterday. So long as the University maintains its immoral stance, our collective actions will continue, and our voices will keep getting louder.”