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Fancy something new for 2024? Come and write for The Exeter Tab

Come to our open meeting on 1st February at 4pm in The Ram

Has Refresher’s Week left you unsure about which societies to sign up to? Are you frantically searching for something new? Are you looking for a community of fun writers who know everything about Exeter life? Then look no further than coming to join us to write for The Exeter Tab.

The Exeter Tab is a student-led news site: We write about life at Exeter, breaking Exeter-based news, TP Wednesdays, WineSoc and everything in between. We’re a team of people from all different backgrounds, ages and degrees, so there’s no need to worry about never having written before or doing a writing based degree. We’re here if you want a bit of writing with a side of fantastic chat with some fabulous editors!

Come to our open meeting on Thursday 1st September at 4pm at The Ram on campus if you want to find out more or just to have a drink and a chat with the team.

What is The Tab?

The Tab is a national news site, with over 30 uni-specific sites, a combined readership of over six million, and an Instagram reach of over 22k. All Exeter news is shared across both Facebook and Instagram as well as our webpage. We cover a wide range of topics, ranging from the Just Stop Oil protests, the Barbie film and Exeter’s worst hookup stories! Whatever you’re interested in, you can write about and translate over to an article for The Tab. We’re a laid back group of student journalists with room for you to grow as a writer and in a community where you don’t have to take your role too seriously, perfect for meeting some incredible new people.

Why should I write for The Tab?

Firstly, (and I’m not biased), it looks great on a CV. Working for a nationwide student-led initiative is a great way to gain experience early on in a competitive field without the pressures of doing an internship or paid work for a large scale newspaper. Some ex-Tab writers have gone on to work for The Times, Vogue and The BBC. You can meet like-minded people looking to explore student-based news stories and form relationships with a trained editor, helping you improve stories and getting to know people from different years at the uni!

How can I get involved?

No worries if you miss our open meeting in Freshers’ Week (26th September at 5pm) you may get swept up into the fun that is a week in Exeter life. We hold open meetings and socials once a month for the writers to get to know each other. You may only write one article this year, but that’s still a contribution we’d love to have. Our socials teams are always checking Instagram, TikTok and Facebook so make sure to follow us there to keep up with what’s going on. Additionally, if an idea comes to you and you fancy writing something or letting us know, our DMs are always open and we’d be happy to add anyone interested to our Facebook chat!

So, drop us a follow on Insta and keep your eyes peeled for an exciting year of student-led journalism!