barbie movie trivia quiz

Take this ultimate Barbie movie trivia quiz to find out if you’re a superfan, or just Ken

Fake fans belong in the Mojo Dojo Casa House

It’s been almost a month since Barbie graced our screens, and everyone and their nan is obsessed with it. Such hype has never been witnessed before, so it’s safe to say Barbie took the world by storm. Audiences went from Barbie Land into the Real World, from sparkles to bleak reality, showing us just how little we’ve really achieved when it comes to feminism. Whether you’re Barbie or just Ken, Greta Gerwig brought mothers, daughters, and even (sometimes unwilling) boyfriends together for a bright pink fever dream. When I say almost everyone has seen this film, I mean it. So, what else could be next other than a Barbie movie trivia quiz?

If you’re one of the only ones left who haven’t seen it, you should start questioning your life choices because no,  you’re not cool if you won’t watch the Barbie film – you’re just annoying. To those who have, the certified girliepops, were you paying attention? Or, did you lose focus in Ryan Gosling’s rock-solid abs, or even Margot Robbie’s bouncy blonde wigs? We won’t judge either way – whatever floats your boat. What we will judge, however, are those of you who saw an opportunity to wear an all-pink fit and pose in a box, but didn’t actually care about the girl boss film of the millennium you were about to witness. Shame on you, influencer wannabes. So, just to be sure, take this Barbie movie trivia quiz to see if you’re a Barbie superfan, or if you just went for the hype.

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