The 10 things every Exeter student should do once exams are over

Because you deserve to treat yourself, no matter what your bank balance says

It’s that time of year again: the library is crammed and coffee is racing round every student’s body faster than a rugby boy to a TP Wednesday. What could that possibly mean? Exams *yawwwn*. But once those are over, you’ll find yourself with an insane amount of free time to do as you please. In fact, even if you have exams right now, there is simply nothing better to do than procrastinate by planning your post-exam celebrations.

Allow your mind to wander about better days of Venoms, Exmouth, and EGB – sounds good, doesn’t it? So, if you want to stay delusional and push those exams to the back of your mind, read ahead for a definitive list of what to do once exams are over…

1) Exmouth Beach

The sun is shining, which means you’ll likely find a stampede of Exeter students racing for the train to Exmouth. Go ahead, join them – there’s nothing quite like packing onto a sweaty train for 30 minutes with your mates. No, really though, Exmouth is the perfect place to pretend you’re on holibobs. If you’ve never been before, make this your priority for after exams. The beach is huge, so there’s plenty of space even on the busiest of days: not to mention the vast amount of pubs, ice cream shops, restaurants and beach shops lining the front. There’s something for everyone whether you need a tray bbq to give the mansplainer of your group some importance, a football to entertain the one who could’ve gone pro if it hadn’t been for a knee injury, or some bevs and scran to enjoy.

2) Pub garden

Exeter is blessed to have a great selections of pubs to enjoy when the weather gets warmer. If you haven’t been to the Impy yet (where have you been?) now is the time to go, because who doesn’t love being drunk at 1 pm on a weekday? The Black Horse also has a cute garden at the back, and is a bit more secretive if you’re worried about bumping into that guy you ghosted on Tinder – he’ll be at the Impy. If a pub garden isn’t quite your thing, but you still fancy a drink, take a trip down to the Quay…

3) The Quay

Along the quay, there are a selection of pubs and restaurants for you to have a bev and soak up the sunshine. If you prefer more of a pub vibe, The Prospect Inn has a big seating area, with lots of picnic benches outside. Or, if you prefer a restaurant, On the Waterfront and Mango’s are very popular for food with Exeter students (plus On the Waterfront has a beloved 2-4-1 cocktail deal). Drinking not your thing? No problem, because the quay has a range of watersports including paddle-boarding, canoeing, and kayaking which you can book here.

4) Hijacked festival

For those of you who enjoy a festival, particularly some DnB, Hijacked Festival is the place to go. This year, their headliner is Wilkinson, with other artists such as Oden & Fatzo, Anish Kumar, Mixtress, and Tibasko, so it’s bound to be a good time! In typical festival style, expect a range of music tents, as well as food and drink stalls and an official after-party. If this tickles your fancy, you can get final release tickets here.

5) EGB

Arguably the biggest end of term event in Exeter, the Enchanted Garden Ball is not one to miss. Sadly, tickets are sold out, so for those of you who have missed out, good luck on Overheard. For the lucky ones that have got tickets, expect an evening filled with summer dresses, chinos, and portaloos. Last year, there were a range of food and drink stalls (PSA: last year they only took cash, so come prepared) as well as a karaoke tent, music tents, and rides to keep you entertained all night long. Pro tip: heels are to be worn with caution – seriously, that field is not made to have a drunken catwalk.

6) Summer balls

If you didn’t manage to get EGB tickets, take a look into the various summer balls happening at the end of May. Multiple societies host balls at the end of the year, so take a look, and see if your course or sport are having any by checking the Guild website, or Instagram. Anything for an excuse to dress up!

7) Summer Invades

Missed all the other races this year? Haven’t had a chance to dress up in true races style? Don’t feel like you’ve fully embraced the rah experience? For those of you who love nothing more than to bet on horses and get drunk, Invades is the event to attend.

8) Big night out

Lads, lads, lads – time to go on the sesh! Picture this, you’ve just finished your exams, and you hear the piano man calling your name to TP – it would be too rude to ignore. You’ve worked SO hard, its time to ignite your fresher self and return to the club-rat you once were. Buy that Venom, venture into your overdraft, and embarrass yourself, because you deserve it.

9) Relax – Netflix and chill style

Definitely a more relaxed option than the previous, but maybe that’s for the best. Take some ‘me-time’ and get yourself all cosy in bed, or in the living room with your mates, and settle in for an evening of films. We’re thinking hot chocolate, snacks, homemade pizza and a whole load of junk to refuel your tired post-exam body.

10) Burn, baby, burn

Simply had enough of uni? Burn your books and burn your notes (proceed with caution). It’s nourishing for the soul, trust me.

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