Explained: This is what the Exeter rugby ‘nappy run’ actually is

Don’t you just LOVE a grown man in a nappy?

A video on TikTok of Exeter rugby boys stampeding through Exeter in nappies has blown up and left some people completely confused. If you haven’t heard or seen of it, where have you been?

People have since commented on the video, now with over half a million views, saying: “pls tell me this isn’t real” and “Wounded I missed this”. It appears half of the comments were filled with people in shock, and the other half were people upset to not have been there, with one person saying: “im coming home rn”. Wow, it turns out some people ACTUALLY found this attractive – I guess there’s someone for everyone.

So, what was it? The Exeter rugby team held their annual nappy run during Freshers’ Week, as part of their “generation” social, in which freshers (or any first year rugby players) had to arrive in their finest nappy, whilst second years and third years dressed as school children or elderly people, respectively. This sounds like a fever dream, but it was just a regular sports Wednesday in Exeter.

For this particular event, those unfortunate to be in nappies had to do a run from The Imperial Wetherspoons to The Exonian. This is about a 16 minute walk according to Google, so it’s really not that hard, is it? If anything, I imagine that the public humiliation took more of a toll on the body than the physical exercise. It would be such a nightmare if there were a video of it that went viral – oh, wait.


No one blinked an eye #exeteruni #fyp

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Before the run took place, the boys had to take off all their clothes, which were then placed into a pile. To get any of these items back, they had to complete challenges, whilst sat on the floor, with the seniors telling them what to do. Sounds so fun! These challenges mostly involved chopping pints to some degree, such as having to chop a pint quicker than a senior, or having to down a pint in exactly 20 seconds.

On top of that, they had to complete the challenges, whilst adhering to traditional rules, that have been passed down generations of Exeter rugby men. For example, they had to “EG” after finishing a drink, a term you’ll soon be familiar with if you’re up to scratch with your Exeter slang.

It was certainly a sight for sore eyes – unless you’re into that sort of thing. So, if you just can’t get enough of rugby men in nappies, be sure to turn up for Freshers’ 2024, to witness it all again.

Featured image via @jackhingley1 on TikTok

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