Here’s a ranking of the best looks at Exeter’s charity fashion show 2024

Crochet, frills, and denim

The annual Exeter Charity Fashion Show was hosted at Phoenix on 21 February and featured pieces from well-known brands as well as clothes made by independent designers.

With the dress code as black tie and “dress to impress”,  it was an evening full of glamour as students rocked up in their finest “rah” attire. Of course, once everyone had taken some cute pics on the red carpet, it was a survival of the fittest as students sought out their free glass of prosecco – I mean, it’s a cozzy livs, babes.

The event was organised by a group of students, who promoted the show on their official Instagram: @xcfs24. All money from ticket sales and the raffle went to Balloons, a charity that supports bereaved children and young people, as well as FearFree, a charity that aims to break the cycle of domestic abuse and sexual violence.

Music was provided by Redemption Studios during the entirety of the show, keeping the vibes up and the drinks flowing all night.

The theme, “from flames”, had seven categories: ash, fuel, smoke, lightning, heat, burn, and extinguish. So, with that in mind, here are the best looks from the show:

8. Frills

Love, love, LOVE this piece, courtesy of From Grandmas Attic. As you can see from all the gals in the bottom of the picture, this one was a hit with the crowd and it’s no surprise! It’s giving Minka Dink London, which is a beloved of any Exeter girl, but making it high fashion. The puff, the frills and the collar, all finished off with a statement necklace – wow. This was a real feast for the eyes.

7. EURFC in OddBalls

Of course, I couldn’t write this article without bringing in EURFC’s very own, modelling OddBalls – a brand which is renowned for their funky designs in boxers and swimming trunks. It’s hard to go to campus without seeing the bright OddBalls car AT LEAST once and the same can be said for these boxers that really catch the eye (*cough cough*, girlies in the bottom left). Not only did they whip the crowd up into a frenzy, but they did so supporting a charity that raises awareness for testicular cancer. Way to go, lads!

6. Lingerie

The final part of the show featured multiple lingerie styles and a Magic Mike inspired dance from the guys. From lace sets to silk robes, it really had it all! The heels, blazers and balaklavas gave an edge to the lingerie, with a Wolf of Wall Street, bad b**** energy.

5. Crochet beachwear

Entering the beachwear section of the show, we had this beautiful crochet outfit from Tied by Tide. Featuring a red and orange skirt with a black and green top, this was absolutely gorgeous. It makes see through beachwear chic and elegant, rather than the typical Shein mesh messes we see every summer from Instagram influencers. Also, paired with the knee high boots, this could definitely be a clubbing outfit for holiday: I’m talking Greece and Spain beach clubs, it would be chef’s kiss!

4. Bucket hats

I’ve had to include two pictures for the modelling of Ben’s Buckets because they slayed. This brand is known for making limited edition bucket hats and boonies, with patterns inspired by Kenya. Everything is so unique and would be a great addition for the trips to Exmouth in the summer term. The staging was really fun and got the crowd involved, with the model putting the surfboard into the crowd for a very literal crowd surf.

3. Couture

This was a statement piece from a fashion and design student, Rob Derbyshire. It was created using resin and had a cool texture to it, featuring a deep plunge neckline and a corset-style, laced-up back. This top definitely made heads turn and added a bit of spice for menswear. Whilst this wouldn’t be a look seen off the runway, it’s one that I’m sure stayed in a LOT of people’s minds.

2. Mixed prints

Immediately after the frills piece, From Grandmas Attic gave us THIS (thank you, XCFS, stunning show btw). This edgy two piece suit was keeping on theme, with an abstract flame shape, and the darker cuffs and sleeves contrasted amazingly with the gingham bandeau. In general, people get scared mixing prints but let’s be real, it’s because we don’t know how to style it. XCFS have gone to show that a pinstripe suit AND gingham can work wonders together: It’s giving conference at 1pm, picnic at 2pm, but in the best way.

1. Embroidered denim jackets

These denim jackets really prove that it’s “business in the front, party in the back.” When the models whipped around to showcase the incredible embroidered backs of the jackets, I was shook. The brand, Barker’s London, pays great attention to detail and their clothes are also sustainable, featuring offcuts from luxury upholstery stores in London. What’s not to love?

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