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Never Have I Ever memes

Still not over Never Have I Ever season four? Enjoy these 25 memes to relive it all

I’m still crying

Never Have I Ever season four filled every single plot hole, answered every question and satisfied every person obsessed with Devi Vishwakumar and her antics at Sherman Oaks high school. With the show being well and truly over, die-hard fans can only do one thing and that’s reminisce over the last three years – and there’s no better way to do that than wipe your tears and laugh at memes.

Ever since Netflix graced us with season four, viewers have been quick to share their thoughts on social media. Whether it be about Devi and her wild senior year or to share whether they are Team Ben, Team Paxton or hell even Team Ethan. If you’re still trying to relive Never Have I Ever season four, enjoy these 25 memes.

1. Felt that


3. A full circle moment

4. I’m heartbroken

5. I’m still not over it

6. We love Devi x

— Bolu Babalola is technically on leave 🍯&🌶 (@BeeBabs) June 9, 2023

— ais (@fxrpevensie) June 8, 2023

8. We love the Vishwakumar women!!

9. That’s my sister right there x

10. A queen!

11. I was cheesing fr

12. Speak your truth

13. Ben… Gross?

14. 😉

15. And that’s on period!

16. Forever and always xo


18. I’m weeping

19. We graduated!

20. As you should!

21. ://

22. Guilty your honour x

23. Facts!

24. Mindy ate with this one

25. I’m still weeping

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