I started selling clothes on Depop during my second year at uni, now I’ve made £250k

This puts the £3.75 you’ve made on Vinted to shame x

A student started selling clothes on Depop during his second year of university, and five years later has made £250,000.

24-year-old Callum Massey started selling keyrings and patches on Depop in 2018, when he was in his second year studying English lit at Wolverhampton Uni. He then started selling vintage clothes he found in charity shops and car boot sales.

When Callum graduated in 2019, he had monthly profits of £1,000 and took his Depop business full-time.

A few years on, he’s sold 12,500 items on his two Depop shops and made £250k in total sales, and he’s still living at his parents’ house.

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Callum said he began drop-shipping keyrings and patches, but only made £1 profit.

“Then, when I was waiting between lectures, I would go to charity shops and look for sportswear to sell”, he said. “I’d also go to car boot sales to find vintage clothing and sell my own stuff too.

“I was working part-time for Curry’s PC World as a shop assistant two evenings a week and every weekend. It was hard to balance that with my studies so eventually I quit that and just made money by running the Depop store in my spare time.”

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Callum said: “Then Covid started and I just kept saving and my TikTok account blew up and took me to £12k sales in just one month.

“That was definitely a one-off and demand has decreased since Covid. A lot of people were out of work and joined the app so there was more competition.”

He’s now investing his profits in a new monthly sock subscription service he’s launching, but says this business will be separate to his two Depop shops, Callum’s Cupboard and Knitted Treasures.

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