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Still baffled? Here’s the ending of Joan Is Awful explained in the most simple way possible

Justice for Joan!

Black Mirror season six starts off with an AI-style bang with Joan Is Awful. After waiting for a Black Mirror fix, viewers now have six new episodes that will no doubt blow their minds and question everything they do.

Joan Is Awful follows a woman called Joan who comes across a new TV show which tells the story of her life right as it happens, and is played by Salma Hayek. Understandably, Joan isn’t happy and tries to stop her life being broadcast for the world to see.

It becomes apparent to Joan that streaming site, Streamberry, was able to make Joan Is Awful as she gave her permission to use her life and personal data when agreeing to the terms and conditions. Streamberry relied on cameras and microphones on phones and computers and CGI technology to produce the episodes.

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Towards the ending of the Joan Is Awful, Joan realises she isn’t the only Joan to exist and it’s baffling to say the least. So how does the episode end and what happens to Joan?

Here’s everything you need to know about the ending of Joan Is Awful. Careful! Spoilers ahead!

So, after realising Streamberry will continue to show everything that happens to her in Joan Is Awful, Joan assumes Salma Hawyek won’t want to be associated with something damaging. Joan decides to eat a bunch of fast food, takes a laxative and runs into a church and takes a poo in the middle of a wedding.

Salma then complains to her lawyers until she realises she can’t do anything about it. Salma then decides to visit Joan and they hatch a plan to destroy the computer system and server at Streamberry HQ.

Salma manages to sneak into the office and lets Joan in through the back and they run into the server room. They were met with Beppe, played by Michael Cera, who explains to Annie Murphy’s Joan that she sees herself on the screen because it is the variant of Joan that the source Joan sees when she watches Joan Is Awful. Still with me?

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He tells her: “You’re not the original Joan. That’s Source Joan. You’re just a Joan. You’re a version of Joan played by a digital likeness of Annie Murphy.”

It is then revealed that when source Joan watches Joan Is Awful, she sees Annie Murphy playing her. Annie’s version of Joan Is Awful is on fictive level one and she had licensed her face for the show, like Salma Hayek.

After the truth is revealed, Annie goes into the room that has the computer with an axe. Despite feeling hesitant, Annie says the events based on what is about to happen has already happened and she does everything source Joan has already done.

She soon destroys the computer and viewers see source Joan destroy the computer and Annie in the same clothes Salma Hayek was wearing in the episode. The real Joan is then arrested while Annie gets questioned by the police.

The ending credits for Joan Is Awful then roll and viewers see Joan speaking to her therapist, revealing she is dating again and started up her own business. It then pans over to her new business, Joan’s Coffee, and Annie walks in and gets her “usual”.

Charlie Brooker leaves no stone unturned that’s for sure!

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