Loch Henry cast

Here’s where you recognise the cast of Black Mirror’s incredibly creepy Loch Henry from

Harper from Industry is in it!

The second episode of Black Mirror season six, Loch Henry, may keep you up at night but that just proves how good of an episode it is.

Loch Henry follows a couple who visit a town in Scotland as they plan to make a documentary about an egg-protecting vigilante. However, they eventually decide to make a true crime film about the town’s serial killer and discover details “so awful they’re irresistible”.

But who stars in the incredibly creepy episode? Here’s where you recognise the cast of Black Mirror’s Loch Henry from.

Davis – Samuel Blenkin

Loch Henry cast

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Samuel Blenkin plays Davis in Loch Henry. Davis is a Scottish filmmaker who returns to his hometown to make a documentary. Viewers make recognise Davis from his roles in Peaky Blinders, The Witcher: Blood Origin and The French Dispatch.

He has also appeared in the 2020 films Dracula and Misbehaviour, and in 2021 he starred in Rhyme Or Die as Harry.

Pia – Myha’la Herrold

Loch Henry cast

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Myha’la Herrold is an American actress who is best known for her role in the drama series Industry as Harper Stern. Over the years she has appeared in Premature, Dumb Money and Plan B.

More recently she stared in the thriller, Leave the World Behind alongside Julia Roberts and Mahershala Ali. She also played the role of Jordan in 2022 horror Bodies Bodies Bodies.

In Black Mirror: Loch Henry. Myha’la plays Pia, a filmmaking graduate and Davis’ girlfriend who joins him on his trip and helps him make his documentary.

Janet – Monica Dolan

Loch Henry cast

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Monica Dolan, best known for her roles in The Thief, His Wife and the Canoe and Appropriate Adult, plays the role of Janet – Davis’ mother. Monica has also appeared in Pride and A Very British Scandal as well as in Black Mirror season five’s Smithereens.

Iain Adair – Tom Crowhurst

— Tom Crowhurst (@tomcrowhurst692) June 14, 2023

Tom Crowhurst plays killer Iain Adair in Loch Henry. He hasn’t been in much prior and has three acting credits to his name. Tom has appeared in the shorts Creatures & Things and Bodhi.

Stuart – Daniel Portman

Loch Henry cast

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Stuart is Davis’ childhood friend who urges him to make a documentary about Loch Henry to boost their tourism trade. He is played by Daniel Portman, who viewers may recognise for his role as Podrick in Game of Thrones. He has also appeared in The Control Room and Vigil.

Richard – John Hannah

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Richard in Stuart’s father, who is often seen drunk in the episode. Richard is played by John Hannah who is notably known for his roles in The Mummy movies. John has also appeared in Sliding Doors, Four Weddings and a Funeral and more recently was in HBO’s The Last of Us.

Kenneth – Gregor Firth

via BBC

Kenneth is Davis’ father who is dead in the Loch Henry episode, and is played by Gregor Firth. Gregor has appeared in a number of TV series including Outlander, Guilt and The Replacement.

Dawn Challis – Beth Robb Adams


Dawn Challis is one of the women killed by Iain Adair in Black Mirror: Loch Henry, and is played by Beth Robb Adams. Beth graduated from the London School of Musical Theatre in 2019 and also appeared in The Pirate Queen at London Coliseum.

Simon Challis – Scott Mooney

Simon Challis is another person killed by Iain Adair in episode two and is played by Scott Mooney in the cast of Loch Henry.. Scott is a recent graduate from Dundee and Black Mirror was his first TV credit after graduating.

Kate Cezar – Ellie White

Ellie White is best known for her role as Princess Beatrice in The Windsors and Katia in Stath Lets Flats. Ellie plays Kate Cezar in the cast of Loch Henry, a producer at Historik Productions who gives Davis’ documentary the greenlight.

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