Lancaster: The wait is over, here is your Biggest Name on Campus of 2023

Lancaster history is literally being made today

It’s been an absolute whirlwind of a competition. We’ve tried so hard, and come so far, and today I am pleased to announce that your Lancaster University BNOC of 2023 will be revealed to all their adoring fans. This year’s competition was our biggest yet, with the final alone racking up 4,599 votes – I guess we could say you guys were committed to seeing your fave get the title. That being said, let’s get into it.

Third place: Angus Bibby, First Year, Cartmel, Economics (he/him)

Angus didn’t quite take the crown this year. He made a valiant effort, being the only first year to make it as far as the final, but in the last round, he only received 287 votes. Sorry Angus, I guess it just wasn’t your time to shine. But don’t worry, there’s always next year… and the one after.

Second Place: Alex Vero, Fourth Year, Grizedale, Biomedicine (she/her)

Alex was a favourite to win throughout all the many, many heats. She came through with witty comments and always provided us with iconic photos. Sadly, this year just wasn’t for her. Putting in a good shift with 1707 votes in the final round, she was good, but her competition was better.

First Place: Alice Grennan, Third year, Fylde, Geography (she/her)

Our winner of this year’s BNOC competition, and this year’s biggest name on campus, is none other than the formidable Alice Grennan. Alice has lead a strong campaign throughout, picking up more supporters as she went, and it all worked in her favour as she received a whopping 2599 votes in our final!

Alice is the founder of the university’s LEC netball team, and just in general loves all things LEC. When informed of her great success, she said, “2599 votes is crazy, I think I have my campaign team to thank for this (James Parkin and Saba Moss).”

She continued, “I am not sure what to do with this new platform, it’s certainly a great way to round off your undergrad lol. If you don’t already, go give @LECnetball a follow, and come a long to our inclusive and mixed welfare netball sessions”.

To finish off, Alice said, “finally #LiveLaughLEC“.

If you see Alice around the campus, don’t forget to shower her with praises and rose petals. After all, she is now Lancaster royalty, and we wouldn’t have it any other way! Congratulations Alice!